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Make Love Not War: How To Survive Social Media Bullying

NoInk   |   06 December 2018

A comical book Collaboration by Sen. Nancy Binay and Senyora

ABS-CBN Publising Inc. launched Make Love Not War written by Sen. Nancy Binay—who takes a break from legislation duties as she shared her tips on surviving social mediaand Senyora Santibanez, a social media celebrity/ parody.

Make Love Not War was launched last December 5 at Restaurant 9501, 14th floor of the ELJ Communications Center in Diliman Quezon City.

The hilarious collab contains basics of surviving in social media on how to save one’s sanity and credibility in dealing with social media bashing.

Sen. Nancy recommended to just laugh bashing off. While Senyora, highlights the five types of enemies every social media user has online—the debtors, virtual enemies/ keyboard warriors, frenemies, relatives, and exes—which she said to all counter with love.

Make Love Not War by Sen. Nancy Binay and Senyora, now available in leading bookstores nationwide for only P185.

You can also check out “Make Love Not War” book preview HERE.