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NoInk Valentine's Challenge: Share your #WalaKayoSaExKo stories!

NoInk Team   |   30 January 2018

Hindi lahat ng love story may happy ending!

Are you still in the process of moving on? Or have you already forgiven ‘the past’? We once experience the ‘and they lived happily ever after…’ but even the most successful relationship gets to end at some point. 

They might have taken you for granted. Or asked for some space (Dun ka sa outer space!) Or worst the *cringe* ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ and ‘Busy ako,’ excuses. And in the end, iniwan ka lang #[email protected]%*! Now the dare is on you.

NoInk challenges you to share and submit your funniest, most epic, and worst EX-perience ever! Share all the #hugot and #feels buried inside you!

Submission starts January 30, 2018. The mechanics are simple. 

  1. First, create your own NoInk profile to submit your stories! Visit and register your Kapamilya ID. Update your user profile and connect your Twitter and Facebook account.
  2. Start writing your #WalaKayoSaExKo story. Use this title format:
    Main Title: (Your own title)
    Subtitle/Story Description: #WalaKayoSaExKo
    Tags: Include #WalaKayoSaExKo
  3. True to life EX-periences are highly encouraged.

If you’re not satisfied with just one and you have more EX-periences, sky is the limit! You may submit as many as you like!

Of course, special giveaways will be given to the best stories based on: #WalaKaSaExKo Hugot & Heartbreak Factor, Writing Style and Virality.

Deadline of submission will be on February 10. Submit, submit, submit and let’s all get burned!


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