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NoInk   |   02 June 2020

See you on Viber, bookworms!

Since the community quarantine started, people are finding more ways to be informed and entertained, both online and offline. One form of entertainment that people are drawn to today is through reading books. A long-time hobby ever since, books have provided tons of stories already to humans, and the stories continue to grow further as many writers dream bigger. In the Philippines, reading physical books is still a thing, especially among the younger generation. More young readers take interest into stories, and even online stories are booming. With this, we can say that the online discourse of literature exists in the context of Filipino readers.

With the advent of social media and the rapid dissemination of information on the internet, online communities are great avenues of holding a certain group’s interest. In terms of Viber communities in the Philippines, BooksPH is the first local Viber community that welcomes discussions from bookworms around the Philippines. The community also allows book buyers and sellers to interact with one another, and find the books they’re looking for. More interaction and book-related activities and conversations to look forward in this community, that’s why you should not miss joining BooksPH!

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See you on Viber, book lovers!