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Laugh your way this 2020 with ABS-CBN Books’ humor reads!

NoInk   |   24 January 2020

We're up to give you your daily dose of laughter with these books!

There is this famous quote saying “laughter is the best medicine”, in which many people apply in their life. Sources of comedy and humor can be found in all forms of media, and reading materials can be helpful in uplifting our moods. ABS-CBN Books offer fun reads with good vibes and life lessons to learn as readers indulge further in the world of books.

Lakas Tawa by Alex Calleja

Alex Calleja’s humor focuses on finding comedy in things around us – objects we find in the house, outside, and even abroad. He firmly believes that anywhere a person goes, he or she can spot something funny because life itself is full of fun.

Fun-tastic Jokes Atbp by Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda is a prominent comedy star in the country and has done a number of local comedy films under ABS-CBN’s movie arm, Star Cinema. In this book, all the jokes and witty lines from Vice Ganda’s films have been compiled, from The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin up to Fantastica. If you’re a fan of Vice and his movies, this book is a must-have for you!

Never Be Number Two by Jelai Andres

A heartache addressed with humor, social media influencer and actress Jelai Andres has narrated the heartbreaking story of her marriage and her road to recovery with this book. As she tells the whole experience for her “Mi Loves” (her fans), she adds witty lines of self-reflection and relationship tips to give additional color to her story.

Tutoy by Jose Marie Viceral (Vice Ganda)

Think you know the Vice Ganda you see on TV and movie screens? Tutoy will make you think again. In this book, Jose Marie Viceral (Vice Ganda) opens about himself in the deepest way possible – from his childhood up to how Tutoy helped him become the Vice Ganda he is today. Added with humor and satire, the colorful life of Vice Ganda becomes an “open book” with this read. If you’re a fan of Vice Ganda, this book is a must-have for you!

La Na Bye by Kakai Bautista

Kakai Bautista has been very vocal about all the heartaches and dramas her love life underwent during the years. Writing about her past experiences in love, she decided to bring light to this by using her skills in poetry mixed with comedy and hugot. This read is a very millennial one indeed!