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NoInk   |   21 May 2020

Grow Your Passion - Enter A New World

We Write to Create a New World.

It’s not about getting tired of this world, but it’s about pushing our own creativity and imaginations to the next level, building joy and hope that this life has full of possibility to explore – at ‘yun ay sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng mga istorya. It’s like time travelling na hindi naman talaga umaalis physically but it is more on travelling intellectually and emotionally.

At aminin, minsan mo na ring nasabi sa sarili mo na sana ay ikaw na mismo ang bida at ikaw ang nasa mundo niya. #RELATE #SANAALLTALAGA

Napakaraming klase ng istorya ngayon na sumisikat on social media o sa iba’t ibang klase ng online writing platform, at isa sa mga nag-iingay ngayon ay ang mga Fanfiction stories. 

Pero ano muna ba ang Fan Fiction?

Ever see a movie or teledrama at nasabi mong “Sana ganito na lang ‘yung ending…” or nakabasa ka ng story and naisip mong “Kung ako nagsulat niyan, ganito gagawin ko sa bida…” at pwede ring may mga favourite public figure ka or characters at bigla mo silang naisipan ng new story? 

Well, that’s fanfiction for you!   

Fanfictions are stories written by fans featuring characters, settings, and plots mula sa kanilang favorite pre-existing TV shows, novels, manga, movies, and other media.

With that said… Kami rito sa NoInk, naniniwala kami sa talent at passion ng lahat ng gustong sumulat, mag-share, at mag-publish ng kanilang mga obra – ikaw man ay professional writer na o baguhan pa lang sa mundo ng pagsusulat.

We want every writer to grow in their passion as they keep on writing without fear and for readers to enter a new world as they continue to read NoInk novels, articles, essays, social seryes, poems – at maging FANFICTION pa ‘yan!

And as our brand continues to evolve, naghahanap kami ng mga new talents na talaga namang love na love ang pagsusulat at may potential to be even more than just a hobby writer. At sa article na ito, we will introduce to you ang isa sa mga hottest fanfiction writer ngayon. 

The floor is now open for – A.C.Lyn!



We managed to grab a quick online interview with A.C. Lyn. Enjoy!

NOINK: Hello! Please, introduce yourself muna. 

“I'm Arielle Atayan or AC LYN as my pen name. 25 yrs old, from Olongapo City and currently living in Manila. When I was in college, I have been part of Performing Arts Theatre group for 4 years, that's when I got inspired to continue my passion for writing. I'm also a member of KathNiel Allegiance a KN Fanclub under KDKN Solidarity Community.”

NOINK: Wow! Performing Arts. No wonder at napunta ka sa mundo ng writing. Share to us naman ilang stories nang nasulat mo and what genres na rin.

“I currently have 13 completed stories, 2 on going stories and 5 twitter serye. I write fanfiction, romance-drama and others. I actually have no specific genre. Every time I think of something, i just write it right away and I am also planning to publish my own book soon.”

NOINK: Grabe, that’s a lot. We hope na mas marami pa kaming mabasa sa NoInk na story mo. *winks* Anyways, Can you tell us how and when did you start writing?

“When I was young, I already had imaginations of the stories I've seen on televisions. It bothered me when every single episode ends with "abangan bukas". I remember before, while watching "super inggo", before I close my eyes to sleep, I would imagine what will happen to the story. It became a habit until I grew older, especially when the ending of an episode will keep me hanging in the teleseryes I diligently watch every day: Got to believe, Pangako sa'yo, la luna sangre and so much more. Strange as it may sound but my mind would create its own sequel that I kept to myself.

But I just started writing stories when I was on my 4th year in college. Our theatre director asked me, “What one thing would you do if you know you could succeed at it?” Writing was what immediately came to my mind. I only wish I had realized my love of writing sooner, so I could have chosen a more appropriate major.

But still it did not stop me, because I knew there are lots of ways to pursue writing, and from there, I started to write fanfiction.”

NOINK: Mahirap kasi umasa sa mga bagay na walang kasiguraduhan—joke. Pero gano’n na lang siguro talaga ‘yung frustration nating lahat while waiting for the next episode ng pinapanuod natin. Well, nang mag-start ka magsulat, any difficulties na na-experience mo or pweder ring you’re currently experiencing right now as a writer? How did/do you deal with it?

“I'm beginning to feel the pressure of regularly updating my stories because my readers are waiting for it. I used to write during my most convenient time. I also used to feel anxious whether someone will read my story or not. However, it is a different story now since my readers are the ones asking for updates. Their views, comments and theories about the story inspire me to write more and I think, my readers deserve a good and interesting story to read.”

NOINK: What has influenced you the most as a writer?”

“As a fan fiction writer? KathNiel of course, I am a diehard fan. How can I not be influenced by them? They are the one right now that influences the most.

And the biggest thing I learned from them is to be persistent on achieving your dreams.

After I became a fan of KathNiel and read fan fictions online, I sit down and write mine. Kath and Daniel inspire me and they feed my imagination, that's why I mostly write fan fiction.”

NOINK: Is there any difference for you as writer or sa pagtanggap ng readers mo as you post it online? Exciting part of writing a fanfic.

“For me ganon pa din eh, walang difference kung yung isusulat ko sa ibang genre sa pagsusulat ng fanfic. Kahit hindi naman kathniel ang sinusulat at binabasa ko sila pa din yung nai-imagine ko. Exciting part siguro is yung emosyon, kapag gusto mo yung isinusulat mo at gusto mo rin yung portrayer ng story mo, solid yung emosyon mo as a writer at nararamdaman din yon ng readers. Minsan kapag na me-meet ko yung mga readers ko, pareparehas kame ng kilig. Nangingibabaw yung pagiging fan yung pagmamahal.”

NOINK: Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? Tell us din bakit.

“Most of the time, I stick to the original flow of the story. I write what I think, I write what I feel. The readers views matter but I seldom let them dictate or influence what I want to write.”

NOINK: Imagine this scenario… You feel uninspired and you’ve sat at the computer for an hour without conquering any words. How do you get your creativity flowing?

“Take a few minutes break. Breathe in and out slowly. Let any thoughts that come in float away. Then listen to music, or watch videos. (I personally watch KathNiel videos or scroll my picture gallery because by seeing them, it inspires me already.)”

NOINK: Para sa’yo, paano mo ide-describe ang isang successful author/writer?

“If you are passionate about writing regardless of how much or how little time you are willing or able to devote to that passion, If you inspire others or just simply "Happy" when you write, for me that pretty much describes success. “

NOINK: Tell us your motto/hash tag/or any life verse you have.

“Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up but kept going no matter what.” — Spryte Loriano

NOINK: Okay, pabati time na! Greet your readers.

“First of all I would like to thank my readers for supporting me and for always believing in me. I can’t help but feel both grateful and humbled to see many of you are excited as I post the Teaser of Ang Manliligaw ni Clara on Twitter. And now I'm happy to announce that "Ang Manliligaw ni Clara" is now up on NoInk. 

You can now enjoy the few chapters of the story of Clara at Ibarra and how they fight together for the everlasting love they have for each other against Clara's overprotective brothers.

This story will bring us to the time during traditional Filipino courtship, and the everlasting love of Clara and Ibarra as they face the challenges of Clara's overprotective brothers.

And aside from Ang manliligaw ni Clara, I'm planning to publish "After Fall", "The Matchmaker's Match" under NoInk .

Social Media:

Twitter: @ACassandra_LYN (AC)


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