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La Na Bye: Not your ordinary “hugot” book

NoInk   |   30 September 2019

Hugot na hugot!

In this season where feelings are largely expressed online, people tend to write their pain in a witty manner. This is what millennials regard as the “hugot” culture online, where social media users express being brokenhearted in a funny or entertainment way while also being bitter with their past lovers. “Hugot” is one of the many worlds that Filipino social media users engage into, which makes its popularity somewhat understandable and not surprising.

Here at ABS-CBN Books, “hugot” lines are not just expressed in the virtual world but also in print.

Actress and so-called the “Dental Diva” Kakai Bautista’s new book under ABS-CBN Books is a collection of her poems and anecdotes tackling love, heartbreaks, and “ghosting”. The book is a quirky read for everyone to relate – “hugot” and bitter lines about love are universal for everyone’s pain and experiences, no matter what kind of love story each person has.

Ranging from long but catchy forms of poetry to “hugot” one-liners, La Na Bye will surely capture your heart… and maybe, even break it again. Kakai’s lines are very relatable in the sense that even simple everyday objects were being compared to a heartbreak. One example is the injection, in which she has this “hugot”:

Injection ba ako?

Bakit naduduwag ka sa akin?

Are you ready to laugh while reminiscing the pain and bitterness associated with laugh? Kakai Bautista’s La Na Bye should be one of your reads this season!

La Na Bye is now available online! Shop at the ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada. Grab your copy now for only 225 pesos!