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How to Fail-proof your Love Life this ‘Ghost Month’

NoInk   |   08 August 2018

Things you need to know to prepare yourself for ‘Hungry’ Ghosts this month

This year, the annual Ghost Month begins on August 11 and will last until September 9. Hungry Ghost Festival has its roots from Chinese astrology but is also being observed all over the world, including the Philippines. The effect and impact of this inauspicious time may not be clear-cut but many believe that it affects various aspects of life, like having a hand in business openings, the big life-changing decisions, and even wedding plans.

Every year around August, Feng Shui experts like Feng shui queen Marites Allen  warn us against a slew of activities, lest misfortunes happen.

Ghost Month, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, is a Taoist and Buddhist belief that “hungry ghosts” or restless spirits roam the Earth and cause mischief on the 7th month of the lunar calendar. This mischief can be anything from accidents and crime to unexpected deaths and business failures.

According to Marites Allen, love and romance will also be affected by “ghosts.” Depression, heartbreak and loneliness will be amplified during this time so everyone should be extra careful when dealing with their SOs and LOs. Fortunately, there are things people need to know on how to “fail-proof” your love life during ghost month.

  • For singles who are looking for love, it is best to delay but there will still be a chance to find new love. Get a Mystic Knot charm lang ang katapat niyan so you can easily find your partner in life.
  • Courtship. Avoid being too serious. “Dahan-dahan at hinay-hinay lang muna. Kung gustong mag-level up, postpone it.”
  • For Lovers be careful in making decisions.  It is better to make it a  couple’s decision rather than an individual decision. Be very honest and respectful with each others feelings. Have an open communication.
  • Avoid getting married. Spirits roam the world of the living so they might interfere with occasions, like weddings, worst they might curse it. 

Wary of your relationships and how the Ghost Month can affect your love life? Marites Allen as she gives us Do’s and Don’ts on how to handle romantic relationships during the month of the hungry ghost. Watch the video below:


In addition to that here are a few things to keep the spirits at bay and avoid danger and misfortune during Ghost Month.

  • Don’t attend funerals or visit the sick to avoid yin energy, or dark influences.
  • Don’t hold major life events like starting or opening new businesses, signing contracts, or undergoing a major medical operation.
  • Don’t go out late or travel at night, as spirits are said to become stronger from the moon’s yin energy.
  • Avoid swimming and going to the beach beacause spirits tend to get attracted to water.

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