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TOP 2O Amateur Videos from Star Magic’s Lights, Camera, Magic

NoInk   |   16 October 2018

After receiving 220 entries from across the globe…

Star Magic’s first-ever video-making competition, Lights, Camera, Magic has proven the abundance of amateur yet globally competitive video creators as it successfully received 220 entries on its first run.

Within two-month submission period, Lights, Camera, Magic boasts of receiving different genres of videos not only from various parts of the country, but also from other corners of the globe like Canada, UAE, Thailand, Libya, US and Germany. Judged based on originality, creative and technical execution and impact, the 20 shortlisted videos range from drama, thriller, rom-com, horror, science fiction and musical.

The screening committee composed of Piolo Pascual, Nash Aguas, Khalil Ramos, Janus del Prado, Ketchup Eusebio, Renee Dominique and Star Magic’s very own, Johnny Manahan, chose the 20 videos, which will be advancing to the next round of deliberation.

The top 20 videos are:

AKO by Roi Emille Cabral


SYNOPSIS: An intricate memory leads a woman to decide: life or death.

ANINO by Jason Fajardo


SYNOPSIS: A young man named Mike is walking the streets of Manila when a dark and brooding figure suddenly appears behind him, following him everywhere he goes. As he walks the dark city streets, his past begins to haunt him while the figure lurks behind him -ever present.

ANTIPARA by Evangello Cyedel Dela Peña


SYNOPSIS: A man finds a mysterious pair of eyeglasses which turns out to reveal his future through its lenses.

BEST FRIENDS by David Hulbert


SYNOPSIS: Friend to the END.



SYNOPSIS: A woman is being chased by someone who might be the answer in determining guilt through a forceful contrition.

HELLO… DJ EROS? By Kervin Angelo Quieta


SYNOPSIS: A hesitant caller braves the sound waves of nighttime star, DJ Eros, as he continues his program where he gives love advice. Her confession stirs up the emotions of the radio's listeners, and more importantly, the DJ himself.

HELLO NANAY by Kelvin Aguilar


SYNOPSIS: Ester, a domestic helper in America, misses her daughter in the Philippines. As the Christmas holiday draws nearer and nearer, she and her daughter get excited to spend time together. Using the newly shipped phone from the US, her little girl regularly sends videos over the Internet to update her mom on her whereabouts. She is ecstatic about the thought that her mom will be home after many years. Apparently, all the joys and excitement have turned to sadness due to an unforeseen reason.

ISANG GABI LANG ‘YON. by Danielle Aquilino


SYNOPSIS: A groom-to-be invites a prostitute to his wedding, asking him to be his best man. Said prostitute just wants to finish eating his spaghetti.

KARAMAY by Raphael Robes


SYNOPSIS: An addict escapes from an intervention arranged by one of his friends. What follows seems to be an even more severe scolding, but turns into a deep, intimate communion. Benji patronizingly lectures Allan on how one should approach life and that one must act accordingly. Allan refutes by telling Benj where he's really coming from: his inner demons, his painful upbringing, and the circumstances that led him to choose poorly and use drugs as an escape; Allan completely opens up and lets Benji inside — vulnerable and exposed. Only then was Benji able to truly understand and empathize with Allan, breaking his prejudices and harsh judgments. Emotional awareness saves lives.

KASARINLAN by Kris Cazin


SYNOPSIS: Hopeless, tortured, and lost, Mr. Nobles finds himself the victim of a psychiatrist's cruel and unusual ploy to confront the wrongs he has done in the past. Mr. Nobles is left to reconcile the sins he has committed in order to unravel his dire situation that he needs to face and accept.

LIWANAG by Harold Gersano


SYNOPSIS: A story of a man who is living in a bright world, living life to the fullest, while his eyes are closed.



SYNOPSIS: An unconditional love of a man for his man who passed away that led him to suicidal thoughts.

NAPAANO KA, ARNA? by Patricia Ann Rivera


SYNOPSIS: A year after Arna Carlos' body is found lifeless, her mother weeps for two reasons: her daughter's passing, and the seeming death of justice itself. Arna’s ghost recounts the night of her own demise as she watches over her grieving mom. When the candle flame is snuffed out, Arna greets her mother with a reminder to hope; letting all bereaved know they are not alone, not in grief, nor in the never-fearless-but-fierce pursuit of truth. This is a tribute to Carl Arnaiz and to the Arnas in society; a message of solidarity to those whose truths were silenced and to loved ones who soldier on. It is not only dedicated to those deemed innocent but also, to the forgotten innocence in each Filipino.

NGAWA by Victor Elijah Gador


SYNOPSIS: Before the end of their semester and their upcoming graduation day, Sam discovers that she is pregnant. Keeno, her boyfriend, forces her to abort and bury the child after graduation day to pursue their plans in the future together without a responsibility other than to themselves.

OH, AKING KATOTO by Jerome Pineda


SYNOPSIS: Everything seems to be grim for Nymfa after her parents had separated, until she found a mysterious friend who is willing to ease her pain in an undesirable way.

PALA’U by Camille Lipnica


SYNOPSIS: A narrative-drama film about the unfortunate lives & journey of two Badjao children who migrated to Manila due to a chaotic environment in Zamboanga.

PLOT TWIST by Precious Diane Rivera


SYNOPSIS: Jet and Iya are two aspiring young filmmakers who have been best friends for years. They wrote and completed a story to make a film, determined to finish whatever it takes. One of them is experiencing tough trials in life yet did not stop, for it is her dream and passion to produce even a single film in her life. But something happens while trying to finish the whole thing.

STATIC by Kent Donguines


SYNOPSIS: Static is an experimental film that features a 10 year-old girl trapped in a grave-like environment surrounded by television that shows a metaphorical representation of technology taking over the world; as we go more and more into the future, tech slowly suffocates us and becomes one of us.

WALANG MALI by Aaron Maagma


SYNOPSIS: One day, Aya met Jerome who is somehow what she perceives to be the "perfect boyfriend." It is no doubt that Jerome is indeed the "perfect boyfriend,” but how is it that this perfect guy exists in a world full of heartbreakers and broken hearts?

VIRAL KIDS by Arjanmar Rebeta


SYNOPSIS: Kristal is a street kid who now becomes a viral sensation for singing her self-made song dedicated to her mother. While the people who watch her street performance give her more alms, her friend, Buboy hurriedly asks her to come with him. As she follows him, the smile of the young lady turns into fear as she approaches a queue of street beggars surrendering their own earned money to the boss of the syndicate.

LCM’s three finalists would then be selected from the top 20 via online voting and by the LCM jury namely Leo Katigbak, Head of ABS-CBN’s Special Projects and Film Restoration, Ronald Arguelles head of Channel Management—Cinema One and Velvet channels, and Ice Idanan, independent film director of “Sakaling Hindi Makarating,” “Ania ‘ti nagan mo” and “Limang Libo.” 

LCM mentors and directors JP Habac (“I’m Drunk I Love You,” “Maria” and “Oktopus” & “Sakaling Maging Tayo”), Victor Villanueva (“Patay Na Si Hesus,” “Kusina Kings,” “Ang Nanay Ni Justin Barber” & “Abot-kamay”) and Mikhail Red (“Birdshot,” “Neomanila,” “Rekorder” & “Eerie” and “Block Z”) are also taking part in the selection of the final three.

Voting for the 3 finalists starts on October 14 at

The 3 finalists would be receiving P50,000 in cash and would have the full experience of developing their submitted entries into a 15-minute short video for digital entertainment; while being mentored by one of the three aforementioned young directors and with Star Magic artists as their videos’ headlining stars.

To stay updated about the Top 3 finalists who would be receiving the aforementioned prizes, as well as other LCM announcements follow Star Magic’s official social media accounts.