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DATING MY EX: A book about catching up with time and memories

NoInk   |   29 August 2019

Will you find out the mystery or just have a new life with new memories?

What would you do when you wake up one day and suddenly, everything has changed around you?

Gabby’s reality is something similar to this… but not really. When she woke up, changes in her life are relevant but she cannot remember what happened to her life within the past seven years. The only thing she was sure of is her love for Mikel.

The sad thing is, her love story with Mikel is not synchronized with her feelings for him anymore. Mikel changed around her, and he’s not the sweet and patient guy that Gabby knew and loved. Gabby and Mikel broke up five years ago, but she does not remember anything regarding their break up. Now, she’s confused whether to work hard in bringing back her memories or creating new memories with the new life she has.

This book is about a girl who loved someone with all her heart but she has no choice but to move on because he has someone new. Under her smiles, the bubbly attitude, and witty jokes is someone who feels lost, just like her memories. Her only option now is to try to live her life normally as much as possible by getting a new job, meeting new people, and hanging out with new friends… even if it means she would be away from Mikel’s life.

What should Gabby do?

Dating My Ex is a novel written by Makiwander under ABS-CBN Books. Get a copy now for only 195 pesos!