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Lessen your tax burdens with “Iwas Buwis-it: What to do When Tax Attacks”!

NoInk   |   06 August 2019

Taxes should be stress-free!

Tax, oh tax. Just like numbers, most of us tend to avoid discussing this matter because we feel like it’s tiresome and dull. Yet, the sad truth is, we still have to understand everything about tax because from the moment we were born, we already have to pay our tax dues.

This is why Mon Abrea, together with the Asian Consulting Group, has teamed up with ABS-CBN Books to give birth to “Iwas Buwis-it: What to do When Tax Attacks” – a tax guide book unlike any other.

This book does not only talk about tax itself but also how each kind of salary earners should be paying for their taxes – from employees to business owners, mixed income earners, and even freelancers. Abrea identified the kinds of taxes we encounter in our everyday lives, and briefly explained each for the readers’ better understanding.

“Iwas Buwis-it: What to do When Tax Attacks” also tackles the “to dos” of opening a business for aspiring business people. Additionally, James Reid and Boy Abunda talked about their respective business and career, and gave their tips and advices in running businesses and finances.

Learn how to deal with taxes in a relaxed manner with “Iwas Buwis-it: What to do When Tax Attacks” !

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