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NoInk   |   29 August 2019

Read these promising new stories at NoInk!

Even in the world of reading, the digital invasion continues as online reading platforms grow. As more people turn their heads down to gaze on their phones’ screen and scroll frantically to be updated online, reading takes a whole new level in the online world.

This is what NoInk is about. At NoInk, we promote reading in the most accessible way possible – with handheld phones, our readers can now read on the go anytime, anywhere. Here’s another catch: It’s absolutely free. Aspiring writers can also submit their stories to us for online publication! All they have to do is to create a Kapamilya account on our website and from there, they can now start writing.

If you want new stories to read in order to catch feels and different emotions, here is a list of some of the promising new stories at NoInk:

Hello, Seatmate by mingshinxi

  • This story is about an exchange student who grew up in Korea and met an arrogant boy in their school. At first, Tiana gets irritated with Jeydon but as she discovers more about him, her heart grows warm towards this boy. What would be their ending? Stay tuned!

Bleeding Loveby marialea

  • A story about second chances, Bleeding Love is something you wouldn’t want to miss if you still believe in forever. It’s still ongoing, though, so you have to be extra patient with it!

The Love Playlistby Embabebyy

  • A unique way of storytelling, the author of this story was able to incorporate particular songs and write different sets of love stories about them. The rhythm of every plot will surely tug your heart while reading this!

Paper Planes by heartlessnostalgia

  • This is a story of a young love that required sacrifices, in the name of love. Stay tuned with the fate of Lena and Jer as they conquer their dreams while also struggling to fight for their love for one another!

War Onlineby TianaVianne

  • How long will two online writers contradict one another on social media to prove their point? One does not believe in love while the other serves as the “hugot queen”. This is an interesting story that catches the relatable happenings for every millennial’s life – expressing themselves online, sharing opinions with one another, and still interacting with friends. Stay tuned with this one as well!

Aside from stories, NoInk also caters works of poetry, essays, and articles. At NoInk, we have endless offerings to keep you entertained and inspired as well. Join our community of readers and writers now!