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NoInk   |   27 May 2020

Grow Your Passion - Enter A New World

Reading is a new form of transportation.

Dinadala ka sa lugar na hindi mo pa napupuntahan at hinahayaan kang makatagpo ng mga tauhang ngayon mo lang makikilala. Sa panahon natin ngayon, ang pagbabasa na siguro ang pinakatipid at pinaka-convenient na mode of transportation sa buong mundo. At alam mo ba ang exciting dito? May twist sa bawat destination na pupuntahan mo kaya it makes you brave as you take the risk na sumabay sa byaheng walang kasiguraduhan sa dulo.

Parang love lang ‘yan, risky pero exciting! 

Kaya naman a lot of readers today ang naghahanap ng mga istoryang dadalhin sila sa panibagong mundo na hindi pa nila napupuntahan. Tulad ng ano? 


Ano ba muna ang fan fiction? Fan fictions are stories written by fans and often posted on the Internet featuring characters, settings, and plots mula sa kanilang favorite pre-existing TV shows, novels, manga, movies, and other media.

Dahil hindi tayo satisfied na natapos ang istorya ng mga bida, o dahil may gusto kang ibang ending para sa kanila, o pwede ring love na love mo sila at gusto mong maging match maker sa sarili mong nobela, fan fiction is the perfect solution for your own dilemma.

At kami rito sa NoInk, naniniwala kami sa talent at passion ng lahat ng gustong sumulat, mag-share, at mag-publish ng kanilang mga obra – ikaw man ay professional writer na o baguhan pa lang sa mundo ng pagsusulat.

We want every writer to grow in their passion as they keep on writing without fear and for readers to enter a new world as they continue to read NoInk novels, articles, essays, social seryes, poems – at kasama na riyan ang FAN FICTION!

And as our brand continues to evolve, naghahanap kami ng mga new talents na talaga namang love na love ang pagsusulat at may potential to be even more than just a hobby writer. At sa article na ito, we will introduce to you ang isa sa mga hottest fanfiction writer ngayon. 

Raise your flags with MissBlackSkull!



We managed to grab a quick online interview with MissBlackSkull, enjoy!

NOINK: Hello! Please introduce yourself muna sa’ting mga readers. 

“Hi! This is Missblackbungo of NoInk. Some call me May, Ate May, Skully, pero most of the time, Author or Otor. Twenty eight years of age and a proud Flyer of MayWard since 2016 and still flying. I am a teacher and an engineer minsan pero fangirl at nagsusulat madalas.”

NOINK: Wow! A teacher and an engineer!? Malayo sa writing career pero nakakatuwang may time ka pa rin to write your story. Can we ask kung ilang stories na ang nasulat mo and ano’ng genres din? Published author ka na ba?

“I have already written lots of stories, mga 15 full stories, one shots, twitter seryes and few short stories na rin. I have already tried writing in different genres, such as romance, comedy, mystery, fan fiction, etc. But among all, I love writing teen fiction-romance the most! Stories that revolve around Young love to mature love, struggles and how they overcome them. I am not a publish author nor to be a published author, yet. But I'd be looking forward for that to happen someday. I always believe that, if it's for you, it will happen, not now but someday!”

NOINK: Who knows the future, right? Anyways, please share to us naman how and when did you start writing.

“I started writing when I was in high school, summer, going third year high school. I was inspired by the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden and other Japanese series, and from those, I started writing teen fiction stories.

Sa notebook ako nagsusulat noong una and the first story I wrote was Love Game whose title then was My first, last: To be or not to be, which I wrote in 5 notebooks all in all. My readers back then, were my class mates and later on, schoolmates. After graduating high school, I stopped writing to focus with college. 2013 ako bumalik magsulat but sa online na.”

NOINK: Any difficulties na na-experience mo or you’re currently experiencing right now as a writer? How did/do you deal with it?

“The only significant difficulty na na-e-experience ko then and up until now is with time talaga. Especially now, na nagwo-work na ako, I find it hard to juggle work and writing but because I love writing, I really make time for it as much as possible. And I'm just blessed kasi, most of my readers—makukulit man, sobrang understanding naman. I also deal with writer's block a lot and few things that I do to overcome it is to re-read my previous chapters, listen to music, or converse with my readers about my story and them loving my stories helps me to get back on track.”

NOINK: What has influenced you the most as a writer?

“Animes and different asian series. I am a writer who is not into reading. Well, nagbabasa naman ako pero sobrang rare lang. I only finished 2 physical novel books in my entire life, and selected online stories—minsan, hindi ko pa natatapos. But I do have my favorite author though. But as for me, mas na-i-influenced ako sa mga nakikita ko, napapanood ko, at napapakinggan ko.”

NOINK: What made you decide na magsulat ng fanfic stories? Exciting part of writing a fanfic.

“I have written one shots, short stories, and twitter seryes—starring, MayWard. Simply because I am a fan of the tandem since the beginning and I love them very much. They inspire me the most to write special kilig scenes that works well with my fangirling imaginations. My full blown stories are not fanfics but they are portrayed by MayWard, meaning, they are written inspired by thoughts of them. The exciting part about writing a fanfic is that aside from your fangirling imagination being written, it is that you get to share the kiligness with your co-fans at nagugustuhan nila iyon and it makes me happy! Happy writer na nga, happy fangirl pa.”

NOINK: Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? Share us din bakit.

“I like to be more original. I want to stick with my own plot as to how I'll start and end it. But, sometimes, I do deliver what my readers want, only in a hard way. Haha. Iiyak muna kaming lahat bago sasaya! And this is the reason why reading their comments is my favourite part lalo na pag nanghuhula sila, tama minsan pero ginagawa kong mali or they other way around. Basta, as much as possible, I don't like my story's plot predictable. Love you, guys.”

NOINKPicture this: You feel uninspired and you’ve sat at the computer for an hour without conquering any words. How do you get your creativity flowing?

“Like I said, I re-read the previous chapters of my stories or read some comments, listen to music, or converse with my readers about my stories at sa tuwing nakikita ko at nararamdaman kong sumasaya sila lalo na ang mga ofw readers ko, it inspires me to write. Or sometimes, I do not write at all! I just want to sink the inspiration and kasipagan into me naturally at naiintindihan naman ako ng mga readers, nasasanay na sila.”

NOINK: What does being a successful author/writer look like to you?

“For me, being a successful author/writer means being able to convey the emotion needed to a certain scene to your readers and giving them the much needed entertainment that they deserve. And also being able to share your works to these people is success already.”

NOINK: How do you think being a writer has helped you as a person?

“Writing is my escape from my reality. Whenever I'm stress, be it in work or life in general, nagsusulat ako—it is my own kind of peace and freedom.”

NOINK: Tell us your motto/hash tag/or any life verse you have.

Proverbs: 16:03 :"Commit your works to the Lord and He will establish it."

NOINK: Okay! It’s time to greet your readers. Invite mo na rin sila to read your stories and upcoming stories kung meron man. GO!

“To my readers, hello! I just want to say thank you to everyone who have joined and stayed with me since the beginning of my writing journey, to writing MayWard portrayed stories since 2016 and to whenever—thank you! You all make this journey worth travelling and you all make me happy! I hope you can all still support me with my current and future works! Love Game has finally entered the premises of NoInk and I will be the happiest if you can support me here too! To more stories to share! I love you all.”

Love Game, the NayTay story which deals with teenage love, family, goals, priorities, and playing along in love and winning it. Kingkong and Freakgirl are here to show you how to win in a Love Game. Journey with them in NoInk!

Watch out for The NayTay boys series here in NoInk too! Soon!


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