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How to start writing a diary ala Binibining Carmela?

NoInk   |   16 May 2020

Here’s a hobby that you can try developing without leaving your homes!

In the span of 24 hours, how often do you spend your time on the internet, just scrolling on the endless post in your news feed? Do you find that kind of routine tiring? If you want to learn a new hobby at this time, then you’re on the right place!

There are many things that we can do within our homes, aside from just being with our smartphones and browsing social media. If you have been inspired by your favorite books and authors to become like them someday, then with this hobby, that dream is not impossible to happen. If you love writing or you’re someone who is a newbie in venturing with this craft, writing and maintaining a diary or journal should be helpful for you.

If you love Juanito and Carmela’s story, you’d know that Carmela kept a diary to record those memories she cherished as each day passes. ABS-CBN Books even released “El Tiempo Cura Todo”, Carmela’s diary, to make readers better feel and understand her thoughts and feelings within the story. Recording memories by writing helped Carmela to sort out and realize her emotions better. The same effect may be done for you by this hobby. Writing everyday can help one with his or her writing skills and at the same time, understand himself or herself better.

If you are ready to explore this activity, here are a few tips to help you start writing your diary:

Writing on it doesn’t have to be everyday

The idea of keeping a diary / journal also gives the idea that it should be an everyday thing, but in reality, not all of us can follow that. AND THAT’S OKAY. It’s okay if you get to skip writing for a day if you don’t feel like it. There are also days that you may find boring and not worthy to be recorded. There’s no problem with that. Just write those memories you really want to remember and revisit again.

Have a comfortable place where to write

Writing should be a comfortable thing to do and not be felt like it’s a chore. This is why it’s important for you to find the best place where you can organize your thoughts on paper. Make sure your position will help you think clearer when you’re already on the process of writing. This can help you express yourself more.

Your materials don’t have to be expensive

Diary and journal writing has now become a visual community also on social media, particularly on Instagram. With this, aspiring writers may feel overwhelmed and pressured over all those pretty planners and notebooks online. But worry not, you can always start with a basic pen and notebook because there is no rule in diary writing stating that you need fancy materials in order to be successful in cultivating this hobby.

Just write everything you want to say

Writing for yourself is always limitless. There is freedom you can fully enjoy during the process. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your diary because it is for you – you write for yourself, not for other people. If you’re angry to someone or on a situation, you can write straight to the point and your diary will listen no matter what you say. Treat it as a friend you fully trust for it will not judge you on anything you declare on it. Just enjoy the process of jotting your thoughts on a diary and you’ll surely get a hang of it anytime soon.

Find a trustworthy spot to physically keep your diary

Let’s be real – since our diaries hold our deepest and most honest thoughts, we don’t like it to be accessible to anyone, right? Then you have to find a dedicated space for it that only you would know. Keep your diary somewhere that is not easily seen in your room, and if you must, bring it everyday with you to keep your secrets safe with yourself.

So, are you motivated to start your own book of life called a diary now? Hope these tips will get you going and helped you start your own journey in knowing yourself more through writing. - AJ Villamar