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NoInk   |   18 June 2020

Be Bold – Take A Step – Fulfil Your Dream


Aminin man natin o sa hindi, napakasarap sa pakiramdam ang umibig o maka-witness ng isang tunay na pagmamahalan. And if this is the world that you’re aiming for, a world full of love, then ano pa nga bang hinihintay mo? Enter the world of Romance Fiction Stories – Now Na!

Kami rito sa NoInk, hindi kami mauubusan ng mga kaabang-abang na Romance Fiction Stories na talaga namang magdadala sa inyo sa isang panibagong mundo.  At kung mundo ng Gangsters, Showbiz, Super Fans life, Student life, ang hanap mo…  

We are proud to introduce to you our very own NoInk Writer na forte ang ganitong genre. 

Put your hands up with… Tiana Vianne!



We managed to grab a quick online interview with Tiana Vianne. Enjoy!

NOINK: Hi there! Bago ang lahat, please, introduce yourself.

“Hi! I'm Christiana Vianne Isidoro. They call me Tiana. I write under the pen name "TianaVianne". I'm 20 years old, an Architecture Student. I already finished 7 novels, 1 short story and currently I have two ongoing stories. I was a published author under Life Is Beautiful Corp way back 2014 and currently I'm a PSICOM author. Mostly, Romance ang genre ng mga sinusulat ko. But now I'm working on a science-fiction novel to explore a new genre for me.

NOINK: Maramirami ka na rin pa lang nasulat. Cool! Please tell us naman how and when you started writing.

“I started writing way back 2013 on Wattpad. I posted my first novel there entitled "My Stupid Insensitive Crush". Hilig ko kasi talaga magsulat ng stories sa notebook ko, and when I discovered Wattpad, I decided to post one novel online. Hindi ko ine-expect na papatok siya kaya nagulat ako no'ng na-feature siya sa Wattpad way back 2014 and reached 7 million reads. And that's how my writing career started. Although I'm not that famous tulad ng iba, still I really appreciate those people na sinusuportahan ako lagi. Sabi ko kasi dati sa sarili ko bago ako mag-umpisa, okay lang kahit walang magbasa, as long as nakakapagsulat ako, 'yon ang mahalaga.”

NOINK: Ano ‘yung mga difficulties na na-experience mo or you’re currently experiencing right now as a writer? How did/do you deal with it?

“Actually dumadaan ako lagi sa point na nawawalan ako ng will ituloy 'yong nasimulan ko nang isulat. So ang ginagawa ko, inu-unpublish ko siya for a while. And then sumusulat ako ng ibang story. Basta may pumasok sa isip ko, sulat agad. Hanggang sa may lakas na ko ng loob ituloy ulit 'yong story kong hindi ko natapos. See, the thing is sometimes we don't have the courage to continue what we've already started. We just need to motivate ourselves to get back right on track. Kasi sarili lang naman natin ang tutulong sa 'tin.”

NOINK: What has influenced you the most as a writer?

“What influenced me most as a writer was my real life experiences. Malaking factor talaga sa'kin lahat ng na-experience ko as a student, as a friend, as a daughter, as an athlete, as a writer, as a lover, and as a person.Lahat ng bagay na I failed to do as a person, dinadaan ko sa sulat. Kasi I want my readers to do the right thing I once failed to do. Thankful ako sa lahat ng na-experience ko sa buhay, kasi those experiences shaped me. Who and what I have become today, lahat 'yon dahil sa experiences ko.”

NOINK: Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? Share mo na rin sa’min why.

“I always try to be original. I mean, I love writing something that really mirrors reality. And somehow I also wanna write something beyond imagination. I want to be more creative as a writer because if there's no creaitivity in the writer, there will also be no creativity in the reader.”

NOINK: Now, we will give you a scenario… You feel uninspired and you’ve sat at the computer for an hour without conquering any words. How do you get your creativity flowing?

“I think. I think. Then again, I think. Pag wala talagang pumapasok sa isip ko, inaalala ko na lang lahat ng nangyari sa araw ko, lahat ng nangyari sa past ko, lahat ng napanood ko, or lahat ng gusto kong mangyari. And then pinagsasama sama ko 'yon to create something out of it.”

NOINK: For you, how do you describe a successful author/writer?

“It's not the number of readers that makes you successful. It's the life you give them after they finish reading the book you write. That's the real success of a writer. Getting into their lives with just words to inspire them, to make them feel, to make them think.”

NOINK: How do you think being a writer has helped you as a person?

“Because of writing, natuto ako magkaroon ng mahabang pasensya. Lahat ng bagay na hindi ko masabi or ma-express in person, I do it with writing. I express it through writing.”

NOINK: Tell us your motto/hash tag/or any life verse you have.

“Let God be the center of everything.”

NOINK: That’s a wrap! The floor is yours, you can greet your readers now.

Hi, everyone! Thank you for supporting me all the way! Sa mga nagbasa, nagbabasa at patuloy pa ring magbabasa ng stories ko, maraming salamat! I'm glad to become part of your lives even just as a writer.

Anyway, I'll be posting new stories on NoInk entitled "Smile For Me, Ressler" and "The End Is Not The End."

"Smile For Me Ressler" is about Tamara Mikeil Sanchez, a graduate of Medical Technology that enrolls as a second courser in Vera University to be part of Architect Adam Ressler C. Morris' class.

Everything's fine. Everything's happening according to her plan. Not until she discovers something that's gonna change her life forever.

"The End Is Not The End" is about Saige Catherine Rogers, who suddenly meets Seph Alexander Davis and falls in love with him. Peculiar things commenced transpiring until she discovers that she's been living in a parallel universe where she plays the role of main character in a movie. Little did she know, it all started with her addiction in watching series/movies.

Eight Things A Great Guy Would Do

Hugot Ng Bitter

Fansinin Mo Ako

Mr. Picture Perfect Gangster

Love At First Ride


Social Media Accounts:

NoInk: @TianaVianne 

Facebook: Tiana Vianne Isidoro

Twitter: @TianaVianne

Instagram: @christianavianne

Email: [email protected]


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