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The beauty behind “True Beauty”

NoInk   |   19 September 2019

From fanfiction to a published book, Priscilla Wu continues to explore the real meaning of beauty

Fanfictions are popular over the Internet and they’re becoming more and more known nowadays. As fandoms of books, music, movies, TV series, etc. continue to progress, fanfictions also observe growth. Potentials of fanfictions are also being noticed better, which leads for some to book publishing.

Here at ABS-CBN Books, we have also witnessed how fanfictions can also give our readers inspirational and moving stories of their own.

“True Beauty” started as a fanfiction that was published online, specifically at AsianFanFics. The author, Priscilla Wu, has written the novel when she was just 16 years old. A proud K-Pop fan from then up to now, Wu has written “True Beauty” with the inspiration of her love for the K-Pop boy group EXO, with Sehun as the muse for the male lead while she created her original character (OC) named Hana for the female one.

Notable in Wu’s novel is the word “beautiful”, for Hana always tries to find the beauty with the people around her and the people she sees around everyday. The story starts with Hana’s declaration that “The world is a beautiful place. It is the people living in it that are ugly”, which can already ignite the curiosity of the readers. Readers will be able to reflect upon themselves how they perceive beauty around them as they go on with the plot.

“True Beauty” is all about an elite girl named Hana Acacia, who was born and raised as a noble, and she is used with all the glitz and glamour around her. In the kind of culture she grew up to, nobles like her receive slaves called Noye as a birthday present when they turn 21 years old. As a “perfect” daughter, Hana’s father ensured that her birthday gift will be given to her in advance, which made her liable for a Noye at the age of 18 instead of 21. When it was time for her to choose her slave, the reality of Noyes’ lives unfolded in front of her and her perspective changed. Her Noye, Aden, may become the way for her to fully understand the real meaning of “true beauty”.

“True Beauty” is now up for grabs at the ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada. Get your copy now!