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Jelai Andres tells all about her heartbreak in her book

NoInk   |   08 October 2019

'Wag kumapit kung may sabit!

Have you ever been cheated by your significant other or your husband? Will you allow yourself to become the second priority in an “extended” relationship?

From a live video to print, Jelai Andres has spoken up about the real score about her love life in her book with ABS-CBN Books, “Never Be Number Two”!

“Never Be Number Two” is a book that tackles about dealing with a heartbreak over a failed relationship or marriage. Expressed in eight rules, the author has discussed the stages of the moving on process that every heartbroken person undergoes to.

Jelai Andres has also given out tips for women on how to spot a cheater (signs and instinct), how to still take care of yourself even if your heart is breaking, and how to stand firm with your decisions even if things get rough along the way. She also mentions from time to time how important her faith is during this rollercoaster journey of her life now.

With a quirky tone of writing, this book is surely relatable for every reader even if he or she is perfectly happy.

Grab your copy now of “Never Be Number Two” on ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada for only P195!