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Para sa mga book characters na minahal at minamahal namin

NoInk   |   22 April 2020

Grab this chance to write for your favorite book character and your favorite book!

Books can take us to places… and help us meet new friends. Minsan pa nga, naiinlove pa tayo sa mga characters ng binabasa nating libro. Kung iisipin, talagang may impact sa atin ang mga libro hindi lang dahil sa nakaka-relate tayo sa mga binabasa nating kwento, kundi pati na rin sa mga lessons na naibibigay nila sa atin.

Sometimes, book characters can even understand us more. May mga feelings tayo na hindi natin maintindihan kaagad at minsan pa, hirap tayong i-share sa iba kaya may mga oras na sa libro natin nahahanap ang mga comfort na kailangan natin. Because of that, we get attached to the fictional characters we read and sometimes, we wish to meet them in real life.

If there are things you would want to say to your favorite book characters, or even about your favorite book/s, what would these be and why?

You can now write and submit letters, poems, and stories dedicated to your favorite book characters and books at NoInk! Just follow the mechanics:

  • Join and create an account if you don’t have one yet. If you have, you need to log in to start writing. Still confused on how to submit your work to NoInk? Read this article:
  • Books and book characters you would want to write a dedication for are not limited! You can dedicate a letter, poem, or even a story inspired and for your favorite local and/or international books and their book characters.
  • Just be creative and enjoy the writing process! The more creative, the higher the chance for your entry to be featured and published on our social media sites.
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Happy World Book Day! Keep the passion for reading books burning and together, let us discover more characters and stories to read.AJ Villamar