Unang una, di po kasi ako naniniwala sa multo. Pero since nangyari ito – medyo kahit papaano, pwede rin pala mangyari sa tulad ko na walang pakialam.
My husband and I both work here at ABS-CBN. One Saturday night, around 7 p.m. – my husband had to go to work. His office is on the 10th floor of the ELJ Building.
Our son and I went with him.
My husband was editing something while my son and I were busy with our tablets when I heard loud footsteps running. My first thought was someone’s kid from the upper floor/ 11th was running or playing. So, I was nonchalant about it. But after a few minutes, the footsteps became louder, I could feel the floor moving like someone is running around us and not from upstairs. I had to stop and look at my son, who, in turn, also looked at me with a very confused facial expression. He asked me “Mom, what is that? Is somebody running around? ” I did not want to scare him so I said, It’s from upstairs, maybe a kid is playing.”
I was studying the ceiling of the room, it was so impossible to hear the footsteps from upstairs because the ceiling was high and made of gravel. The running continued but we just ignored it. I told my husband to hurry up so we could go home already. I had to lift my feet up on a chair because I could feel the floor moving because of the running of whatever/whoever that was.
When we left, I asked my husband – something was running in the room. He said, yeah, there’s this kid who we feel likes playing in the office. He runs and sometimes bothers them. I really don’t believe in things like that but this experience was an eye opener for me. It may or may not be true, but my very innocent son also felt his/her presence. ∎

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