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A Dose of La Luna Sangre

As the saying goes, “An apple a day, makes the doctors away”. But for me, it’s totally different. Because every day, “A dose of La Luna Sangre a day, makes my stress away.”

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My Fearless Miss (Kathniel Fanfiction)
Fiction,Humor and Comedy,Romance

Arisse Yvonne Escalante, a rich heir from Paris doesn't know the world love until she met the famous pop singer Miko Brilllantes... the first guy that made her heart beats faster.

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My Last Mr J
Fiction,Humor and Comedy,Music,Romance

Minsan hanap tayo nang hanap ng "meant to be" natin. Lumingon pa tayo sa likod at sumulyap pa sa kaliwa at kanan... Yun pala, nandyan lang sya sa tabi mo...

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My Cute Grumpy Professor
Fiction,Humor and Comedy,Relationships,Romance,Young Adult

A young professor, trying to escape a recent heartbreak from his girlfriend who died from cancer, suddenly met this bubbly college student named Mayumi who eventually made him smile again...


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