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I'm not a Writer... I'm just writing my thoughts.. ???????????? All stories posted here are purely made out of my imaginations. All my stories are based on what i liked to be read as a reader. Writing is my hobby escaping me from reality on how difficult life is, in writing i could be someone i like, Lawyer, Doctor, Princess, Queen, Gangster, Agent, Policewoman and others. Its so fun to visualize those giving a nice feelings and fond heart. That's writing for me!



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1896 Love Affair
Historical Fiction

Ang 1896 Love Affair ay isang kwento ng modern day woman na naging concubine sa taong 1896Isang dalaga ang mata-trap sa taong 1896, magiging concubine ngunit iibig sa iba.

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Diary Ng Multo

You was brave enough to stay in one house with a ghost walking, eating, sleeping everywhere But what would happened when a Ghost fall for you Do you bravely accept it Or push him away


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