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My Crosoft - Complete
Humor and Comedy,Romance,Young Adult

Cambria Velasco hopelessly fell in love with her gay bestfriend Crosoft D’Cruze. One drunken night, they found themselves in each other’s arms, naked under the sheets the next day. What's next?

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Love, Lies, and Fate - Complete
Fantasy,Humor and Comedy,Romance

When the mischievous wanderer son of Mr. Destiny tries to fix a love story that was ruin by lies and selfishness. Will he be able to save their happy ending or make things worse?

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Saving Forever For You
Fiction,Historical Fiction,Horror,Humor and Comedy,Romance

Isang sumpa ang nag-uugnay sa pamilyang Salvatierre at Fidalgo. Sumpang 'di tukoy kung paano mapuputol. Mahaleah Salvatierre will die when she turns 23. Can Psalmuel Fidalgo save her forever?

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The Heiress Poor Charming
Fiction,Humor and Comedy,Romance

Sushmita Costales is a smart, spoiled and heartless heir of Costales conglomerate Her father, thinks that she lacks heart and compassion towards other people Pinatapon siya ng ama niya sa Guimaras


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