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Hi. This is Avarose. Always will be a work in progress. I want to improve my writing in every story. (Please bear with me) I'm into stories with light narrations but with heart-wrenching and close to reality plot (I don't know if that works.) My Stories: - Laxus (published under RedRoom) Series - Diamond Series 1: Tainted Diamond (on going) All of my works are in Filipino-English. And unedit so please bear with me. Happy reading, roses! You can also add me on Facebook: Ava Rose WP



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Laxus was the most gorgeous and sexiest man I've ever met. And he had this undeniably effect on me... And he wanted me, physically and sexually. But Laxus was the kind of trouble I didn't need

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Tainted Diamond Diamond Series 1
Chick Lit

Liliene Hope De Luna used to have a perfect lifePerfect family, studying in a high class university, a group of friends any girl wish to have and a perfect futureBut in a cruel twist of fate, sh


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