Based on True Events
DISCALIMER: The dates and time aren’t exact since this happened way back. I can’t remember exactly when, but this happened. The experience may not be the same for the ‘characters’ in this narrative, but this is what I felt.
Saturday Night: 7:20 PM
As other student council members swim in the pool, my best friend, Janel, and I
played volleyball beside a huge tree. Our co-members kept inviting us to dive in, but being the pabebe that we are, we chose to ignore them and continue playing our favorite sport. I accidentally hit the ball hard, that it went on top of the roof. The house’s some sort of modernized Bahay Kubo as the owner would describe it, so one could only imagine how a ball’s impact could affect it. We were both scared thinking the ball got stuck there and we had to get it. Thank God, however, the ball eventually rolled back – WEIRDNESS #1: it took a few minutes before the ball rolled over as if it stopped and someone pushed it back.
We started playing again the minute we got our hands on the ball. 10 minutes and a few sweats after, I saw a figure of some sort move vastly on my right. I screamed like hell! Janel ran to me and asked me what happened. I told him (yes, Janel is a guy), what I saw. We checked out the corner, not really expecting anything. There, sat a peaceful white cat. We both laughed and accused each other of being “scary cats” – which then, didn’t really sound witty.
We went back to playing when Janel suddenly paused. He told me someone whispered to him, saying “Stop.” I told him to not mind it, being the stupid little high schooler that I was. I spiked the ball towards him, and he suddenly hit the ball hard making it fly on top of the huge tree.
We tried to poke it with a huge stick… That’s when I heard the voices Janel
pertained to earlier. When we couldn’t get it, I asked Janel if we could just stop. The house owner helped us and poked the tree again. Janel and I both heard something so we asked them to stop and not mind our ball anymore. When they stopped, the
ball suddenly fell on our lap. Instead of being scared, we both rejoiced – Yay, we
don’t need to explain to our parents how we irresponsibly lost a ball.
Saturday Night: 11:20 PM
We were divided into two groups: one slept outside, camping, and the other group being me, Janel, Jacob, Ron (my crush), and Miguel, stayed inside the house’s living area. Our mentors stayed in the room.
Ron wakes me up, hysterical. He explains to me how Jacob sees a white figure right outside the gate. I told him to stop joking, and to just leave me alone – but he wouldn’t. They were all scared. When I looked, I couldn’t see anything except the sleeping members. He told me how the figure seems mad, and disturbed. A rock-like object felt on top of the roof giving a really really loud noise. I was frighetened so I woke Janel up. We all wanted to know what that was. Something kept banging the roof. It sounded heavy.
Jacob said they’re group would go outside and wake everyone up. Me and Janel stayed inside. The roof banged again… and again… and again. I didn’t want to look up, but something made me. As I looked up, I saw a two eyes that disappeared in a quick beat. I told Janel what I saw, but also reassured how this might be the effect of the scenario. My eyes might be playing tricks on me.
Saturday Night: 12:30 AM
The three of them went back to the house. Janel and I looked outside, and asked them why none of the members stood up. They explained to us how hard they tried but they just wouldn’t snap. They were deeply asleep. We were on our own. – Weirdest part was we tried opening our mentor’s door, but it couldn’t be opened. We prayed and tried to calm ourselves down. For a while there was silence.
Saturday Night: 1:45 AM
I was lying on top of the table in the middle of the room, while all four of them shared the floor. I slowly looked up to check…. Nothing. When I looked at Ron, he smiled to be reassuring our safety. BANG! The roof made noise again, and all 5 of us were once again, awakened. BANG! Suddenly the wind got stronger and the swinging chair MOVED. BANG! And the five of us held each other’s hands. Jacob looked outside and saw the white figure. The four of us looked and we saw it too. Our minds weren’t playing on us. It was moving. Slowly, but surely. It wasn’t stepping on the ground. It was floating. We prayed and held our hands tighter as if we’re all close friends.
Saturday Night: 3:00 AM
We all felt sleepy. I was on Ron’s shoulder as his fingers were on mine. BANG! And
we were all wide-eyed again. Jacob asked us to pray again, this time louder (as if the words were some sort of magic chant). I felt something on my neck, AND IT WASN’T RON’S BREATHING OR WHATEVER. I slowly looked up, even when Janel asked me
not to. I saw a man… NO. I saw a thing fiercely looking at us with its white eyes and red pupils. I instantly cried… I looked around and it was as if we were on a psychedelic trip. We were on our independent trips. We were tripping out – we
didn’t even take anything. It felt so heavy – like we pained someone.
Janel suddenly said “sorry”, and before I knew it, I uttered it too.
Saturday Night: 3:02 AM
There was silence.
We explained to 3 of them what we think happened. We disturbed something when we hit that tree. It tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen. It tried to warn us of its possessiveness towards its home, but none of us listened.
We weren’t hurt. But we were scarred. We weren’t sure if that’s the main reason,
but as the night’s getting late and our energy’s getting weaker… We accepted that explanation. We slept holding each other’s hands.
Sunday Morning: 11:00 AM
We told our horrific story to everyone. Nobody believed us. They didn’t hear a thing. The roof was silent, now. Our mentors didn’t hear our cries, and our knocks. Our co-members didn’t feel Ron, Jacob and Miguel’s push in an attempt to awaken them. But one thing’s for sure. It happened. It was real. It’s out there. ∎

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