Steve Harvey got it right! Haha!


Top 6 out of 86! Way to go, Maxine! You have made us all proud with or without the crown. To our Queen Pia… we will surely miss you, Miss Universe 2015!

Anyhoo… After 23 years of waiting, the Most Beautiful Day happened here in our country, again! Now let us tickle your funny bones with these hilarious tweets we’ve seen online!


Feelz for Queen P!


Ang hirap, parang college!


Sorry, besh. #FranceZoned


To our new Miss Universe 2016…


77, 78, 79… wait for it….


Sakit, besh.


On Steve Harvey


Miss U na… Miss U2.


On point!


‘Coz waiting is our passion


Surprisingly true!


And to our next Miss Universe 2017…