Here are the 10 bad-good things about it.


In 2003 a terrible, terrible movie was played in a single viewing in New York. It was so bad, yet it was so good to watch how bad it was that the movie gained a cult following in the years that followed.


The Room, written directed and acted by Tommy Wiseau along with his best friend Greg Sestero. The film was about a love triangle gone awry between Johnny, his fiance Lisa, and Greg. Sure, it went into DVD but with the help of a little word of mouth from its initial audiences, the movie gained cult following as one of those movies meant to be shown late at midnight.


Ten years later, one of the film’s lead wrote a book about the making of the film and it’s behind the scenes look. The Disaster Artist was written in the point of view of Greg Sestero (along with Tom Bissell) where he discusses the difficulties and odd experiences he had behind the scenes as well as his unlikely friendship with Wiseau. As vaguely unexpressive as the film’s lead, James Franco’s adaptation of the book is gaining traction from critics all over and here’s what we know so far about the film.


1.) James Franco has never seen the film until he had to read the book. But he admits he’s seen the billboard of the film all the time in Sunset Boulevard and has always wondered if it was for a cult group as it was the first time he’d seen a movie billboard include a phone number in it.


2.) I hope you know this, James and Dave Franco are brothers in real life but they are able to portray two different people in the film who are not related.


Oh Hi Mark


3.) Almost half the time, the whole cast and crew were confused about the direction. Since the film is about the making of another film, the cast would often feel disoriented every time James Franco would direct and portray Tommy directing the cast within the movie.


4.) Greg Sestero stole almost all the tapes from the original film which made it easier for him to adapt the movie into a book and was a great reference to adapt the movie into, uh, another movie.




5.) In line with number 4, Tommy Wiseau would always record himself talking, making mental notes of how people would react towards his “mannerisms” on set. This made it easier for James Franco to copy his on-set persona.


Original Cast


6.) Tommy Wiseau has always been mysterious. All everyone knows about him is that he’s from Louisiana, and according to Greg he’s always been wealthy.


7.) Ari Graynor has an 80 percent resemblance to Juliette Danielle who portrays “Lisa” in The Room.


Disaster Artist Poster

Official “Character” Poster of ‘The Disaster Artist’


8.) In my research I still don’t know how Tommy Wiseau was able to fund the film ‘The Room’, and be able to pay for showing the film in the theaters back in the early 00s, and how he was able to pay promotion for $5,000 a month for over 5 years. But yeah, he was wealthy.


9.) “The Room” was originally a play.


10.) When the film premiered in SXSW in March of this year, Tommy Wiseau saw the film for the first time and was reluctant to join the cast. When Franco asked him of what he thought about the film, all he said was that he “99% approves” it, and said that they should do something about the lighting. ∎

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