…well, aside from DaraGon dropping too obvious hints that THE SHIP IS REAL.


On September 1, BIGBANG’s leader, G-Dragon (a.k.a Kwon Ji Yong), came back and held his first solo concert in Manila.

090117 – You're one of a kind, Kwon Ji Yong! 👑 @xxxibgdrgn #MOTTEinManila

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Although Ji Yong performed without the other 4 members of the group, all fans went out with big smiles on their faces after the concert! Why? Let’s have a recap of the earth-shattering moments during G-Dragon’s Act III M.O.T.T.E ‘Moment of Truth The End’ in Manila for those VIPs who couldn’t go.

1. When GD said that BIGBANG will be back!



It’s been 2 years since we last saw our kings so we were very touched when he said this. Our leader-nim is always making us feel assured and that’s why we love him. Let’s keep waiting & pray for a comeback soon! After all, he just asked us to stay, right?

2. Ji Yong’s Monologue



This is probably the most dramatic part of the concert. When he told us that he’s not even sure who he really is. He’s always trying to look good when he dresses up as “G-Dragon” but in reality, it feels heavy on him. That he wanted to live being Kwon Ji Yong now, and hopes we’ll still love him. It made us emotional because he became honest in this part!

3. When he low-key promoted Taeyang’s concert on September 22!



Fans were chanting “Kwon Ji Yong” then he shouted “Dong Young Bae” (Taeyang’s real name) and he sang Darling (Taeyang’s song) before he left! GUYS, WE HAVE TO WATCH WHITE NIGHT IN MANILA, OKAY?!

4. Fan chants & THE yellow ocean.


Happy to be part of this yellow ocean. 💛👑 #MOTTEinManila

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Who else missed the yellow ocean?! Filipino VIPs are the best! <3  

5. He just performs passionately!


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Those times when he got too emotional (& tried not to cry) and the countless times when he can’t even hide his big smile!!! He’s one of the best artists out there and he’s having fun doing what he loves—that is just what we, VIPs, wanted to see.



That moment when GD lost his swag and just acted cute and shy with Dara ❤ #MOTTEinManila #DARAGON

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Of course, when they performed their song “Hello” (for the first time in 8 years) brought back the kilig memories!


When Dara told Ji Yong she missed him?! GAME OVER. Hindi talaga namin kinaya.


Okay, so this is where the fans lost it. When Ji Yong kept on tapping the stage lift (where Dara exited) while singing the line “Baby I just want you back, I want you back. Baby I know it’s too late, it’s just too late.” CAN’T THEY JUST ANNOUNCE THEIR MARRIAGE?! SRSLY, WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR LIKE 8 YEARS!!!



Photo from G-Dragon’s Instagram





Photos from Sandara Park’s Instagram

Post-concert photos <3  

7. His IG Live after concert!



Capping off the ~fun concert~ with an Instagram live! Ji Yong was never the man of many words but this time, he tried!!!

Act III, M.O.T.T.E (Moment Of Truth, The End) World Tour in Manila is one of the best concerts ever! VIPs can agree to that!

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