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Three reasons why BFF5: Sugar & Spice the book will be your “best friend”

Image Description Melissa Bagamasbad   |   06 December 2017

Get to know the BFF5 girls and get tips on fashion and life from these ladies themselves!

The five of them are some of the hottest millennial actresses nowadays, with some of them holding their solo concerts, acting well alongside veterans, and starring in the most popular films and seryes. Kapamilya young actresses and performers, Loisa Andalio, Kira Balinger, Andrea Garcia, Ylona Garcia, and Maris Racal are members of girl power squad BFF5, the newest girl group introduced by noontime show, ASAP. These girl groups are usually composed of members who can sing and dance, as well as belong to that generation’s definition of “It”—“beautiful, talented, and popular.” 

Launched just this January 2017 and almost one year together as a group, the girls have achieved much through their production numbers on ASAP, as well as their good example of genuine friendship and showing that they’re not competitive with each other. 

Below are reasons why we loved their book, Sugar & Spice:

1.Get to know each B55 member through their life stories and be inspired.

Did you know that Maris is originally a probinsyanafrom Davao? Or that Ylona loves horror films and watches them alone? How about that Kira’s most admired actress is Liza Soberano because she thinks she’s beautiful in and out? Or that Loisa learned to drive at 15 years old? How about the fact that Andrea’s biggest fear is to lose her career?

All these information, from little bits of trivia, to interesting life stories, are included in the girls’ autobiography. What’s great about all this info is that fans and readers will get to know how relatable the girls’ stories can be, and that they’re just like your regular teenage girls growing up. Another is that the BFF5’s tales of how they overcame odds, and became actresses and performers are inspiring.

2.Enjoy the lavish photos of the girls.

The photographers and creative directors of Sugar & Spice did a great job, as the book is generously filled with full-color photos of the girls, put together with great design and layout. True to the title, this book is eye candy. 

There are individual shots of the girls per chapter in various get-ups, from romantic, to glamorous, retro, skater girl, and even biker chick, among others. The group shots of BFF5 are a treat as well, as they show the girls enjoying themselves while having pajama and pizza parties in colorful settings. 

3.Pick up fashion and life tips from each BFF5 member.

Since each BFF5 member is known as an influencer and style icon, each of them has a fashion spread of her own, with tips on how to wear each look, such as how to layer or what kind of shoes to wear. These ladies are also role models to their fans and to the public, so it’s good to note that inspirational quotes from each BFF5 member are included. 

For example, Ylona, called in the book, Lady Danger, says, “We all try to be perfect. But ‘perfect’ is such an overrated word.” Maris, who is Miss Independent, says, “Stop waiting for the stars to fall down. Do something to reach them.” “Isang beses lang tayomabuhay. I-push mo lang angsarili mo para magtagumpay. Minsan kailangan mo lang talagangmaniwala. Kaysa namanmagsisi ka sahulinahindi mo nagawaangmgabagaynaginusto mong gawin,” advises Andrea, the Swag Queen. “As long as you’re living and loving, you’re doing life right,” shares Loisa, called Girl On Fire in the book. And Little Miss Sunshine, Kira says, “Beauty is still having a warm and tender heart in a cold, cold world.”

*Sugar & Spice is available at bookstores for P225.

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