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Image Description TheLadyInBlack09   |   01 May 2020

Kaya mo bang sundin ang Bilin ni Lola na hwag humarap sa SalaminA Collaboration Novel of JustArlo and TheLadyInBlack09

How long can she resist the temptation not to follow her Lola's warning about the mirror in the attic?

When her mother, together with her stepfather, decided to attend a work-related meeting in Singapore, Veronica was left with no choice but to spend the start of her Senior High at her Lola's province. Though she adored being with her Lola, she must still face the challenges of being the new kid in town - especially under the vicious hands of the university's queen bee, Sasha.

Veronica managed to build a friendship with the school geek, Stefan. But it's with Christopher, the team captain, where she laid her eyes on. It's already too late when she realized she had fallen in love with Christopher. When Sasha with her friends broke her heart using Christopher's charm, she had no choice but to make a pact with Seraphim - the mysterious and powerful man inside the mirror she found in the attic.

One by one, Sasha and her friends were terrorized by the man in the mirror. Watching Sasha suffers, made Veronica happy but it was only good until it lasted.

Little did sweet Veronica know that the man in the mirror has its own fair share of secret. A secret when revealed might cost a little. Perhaps, few souls are enough.

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