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More than just love Get to know Neil Jed Castro as a writer

Image Description NoInk   |   05 September 2019

From the relatable online posts to a published book about life, love, and anything in between, Neil Jed Castro pours out his heart on paper

Love… it’s this four letter word that’s full of endless stories. Love is universal and it is everywhere. Love is something that drives most writers out there to write more and keep on telling stories...

just like Neil Jed Castro.

Neil Jed has been known online for his viral motivational and “feels” posts on social media, which are obviously the right flavors for the millennial online users. He was able to use the influence of social media to help his fellow youth in becoming strong in life, in every circumstance. His book “Maybe You’ll Love Me When I’m Gone” is a collection of stories, open letters, and answers to questions about love, life, family, and even mental health. It’s a collection of feelings about a broken girl whose pain in love has been a hindrance for her to trust others and see the world in a bigger perspective. It’s a narration of struggles on picking yourself up and moving on after a huge heartbreak.

When asked about the world of writing, Neil Jed says that he views writing as a form of expression on what you really feel inside. He said, “It is about putting the fire burning in your soul through words. It is about expressing your unsaid musings.” He also revealed that he’s the kind of writer who “writes in the most inconvenient times of the day.”

Neil Jed is still a traditional writer who writes on paper. He stressed out that writing in paper gives “a different kind of feeling when you see your work in print.” There’s something in the feeling of flipping the pages of a book that you worked hard for.

As an online personality, it is inevitable for Neil Jed to be a target of criticism. Everybody has critics, it’s just that for some of us, our critics speak louder to demotivate us. With this issue, this is what Neil jed has to say:

“I handle criticisms by having an open mind. If it is constructive, then take them in for you to grow as a writer and as a person, but if it is purely hate, just to break your spirit, you have to ignore them. You should know how to filter criticisms from pure bashing. At the end of the day, you do not have to please everyone. You just have to continue stroking your pen.”

Our last question for Neil Jed involved asking him about writing a character in the opposite sex. This is what he has to say, “It is a bit hard to write a character with the opposite sex, because in the first place you do not know how to articulate their feelings through words.”

Nevertheless, we can all agree that his writing ignites the inner feelings we have. What he writes for is obviously from his heart, which we all can relate in some ways.

Neil Jed’s writing tips

NoInk has asked our featured writer Neil Jed Castro to give aspiring writers writing tips in order to write evidently. Here are the tips that he shared to us:

- Do not write to impress people, but to express yourself and totouch other people’s lives. Do not write just because you want to gain followers and recognition,because if that’s your only reason, you will never be able to sustain what you have started. 

-Make it simple and raw. It is notjust about using the complex words just to make it appear “deep” but it is more of putting the right words that would give off the right emotions. 

- Do not overthink as to what to write. You will never be able to come up with a good write up if you are bombarded with doubts and you are just forced to write because of thedeadlines. Write when your mind and heart say so, and you will do great for sure. 

Grab a copy of his book “Maybe You’ll Love Me When I’m Gone”! Read book preview here.

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The book is a collection of some of my self made poems from the last couple of years of my life that tackles my personal experiences in love, personal struggles, depression, heartbreak and moving on.

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