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Mr Picture Perfect Is A Gangster

Image Description TianaVianne   |   02 October 2019

Hes not good for her thats why he cant have her Will she still accept him despite of being a gangster

Mr. Picture-Perfect is a GANGSTER?!


Well, Gangster siya, normal na babae lang ako. Hindi kami bagay, kaya I'm willing to do everything just to suit him perfectly. Even If---I need to be a gangster too, just to prove him that we're meant to be.

Lumapit ako sa mundo niya kahit alam kong hindi pwede. Ang normal na katulad ko ba ay nababagay sa isang GANGSTER? O talagang ang isang katulad ko ay hindi karapat-dapat sa gangster?

Pero you know what? This is the real thing- "Gangster will always be a gangster."

By the way, welcome to my crazy love story!

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