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Mayor your the one

Image Description shaynealejo   |   21 March 2020

A letter for the hottest mayor

Politicians?  Before i dont care about them why ? because almost all of them are corrupt when i am watching TV all i can see are politicians being punished by law because of certain violations especially on the Republic Act # 3090. But then suddenly a certain man change my thoughts when it comes to Politicians he proved me wrong at some point. That man is extra ordinary one his kind and intelligent and he has a big heart to the poor.I know theres no chance that he will notice me but i will still remain a big fun and supporter of that Mayor who captured my young heart. Mayor i hope you continue what you are doing right now i hope and pray for a great success in your life, family and in political world. I admire you alot sir When i first saw you on facebook it feels like i am looking into a handsome Hollywood actor i thought you are a just model or an actor but then when i stalk you i  found out that you are a Mayor a politician and i was like

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Best Buddies

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