My Age at Love

Image Description iammahninmundah   |   06 November 2018

As per Maris Racal's song, "love is easy but they always make it hard". At times, I believe so but when I think about it over the span of time... it's us who always make it hard.

At 15.

I started to think of someone.

I started to mirror what fairy tales do.

I started to make myself good in his eyes.

At 18.

I started to like someone.

I started to dream about what our future looks like.

I started to make him my priority.

At 21.

I started to wish for someone.

I started to understand our lives together.

I started to see our differences.

At 24.

I started to cherish someone.

I started to understand him deeply.

I started to fall out of love.

At 27.

I started to look at myself.

I started to understand the importance of self-love.

I did let myself free and let him go.

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The book is a collection of some of my self made poems from the last couple of years of my life that tackles my personal experiences in love, personal struggles, depression, heartbreak and moving on.

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23 August 2018