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She loves him Yet, he kept her sedated for nothing The reason Simply because, hes nonexistent at all Well he exist---but only in her mind and in 1804 And his name is--- Thomas Clemente Cordova,

"MGA INUTIL!" The peasant girl back here in 1804 shouted at them as they run towards the thickness of the talahiban. They were caught by the peasant girl secretly kissing in the plantation of corns. Now that someone had caught them, they were running while laughing at the same time.

When the peasant girl was no longer beyond their reach, they stop in the middle of the talahiban.

"Wala na ang babaeng magbubukid," panting, the girl said while looking at his piercing eyes. The well chiselled man infront her replied no words, only tough and hungry kisses. She was answering his kiss like crazy, simply because she badly loves the man kissing her.

They have been a traitor to the Kastila and to the Maharlikas yet they were sure that they are not traitors on what they feel towards each other, they're only slaves.

She was still panting because of the passionate kiss that was given by him.

Yet when she opened her eyes, the man kissing her was already gone. She wanders her vision across the wide space of the talahiban and realize that no one was there with her.

She stumbled after realizing it.

She stood up, ran fast yet when she tripped, she realized one thing: she was chasing for nothing. She was chasing the darkness.

*  *  *

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