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WATCH: “Walang Himala” by the Superstar Kids

Image Description NoInk   |   19 January 2018

Our all-time favorite Ate Guy must be proud!

"Walang himala!!! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao, nasa puso nating lahat! Tayo ang gumagawa ng mga himala!” – Nora Aunor

Himala is a multi-awarded Filipino film way back in 1982, written by THE Ricky Lee based on the story of a teenage girl from Cabra Island, Occidental Mindoro. The film was directed by one of the Philippine’s National Artists, the late Ishmael Bernal.

We challenged the kids to re-enact “Elsa” played by the one and only Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor. Want to see how the superstar kids did their ~adorbs~ version of “Walang Himala"? Click the video below!

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