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The Lost Descendant

Image Description @kynadecastro   |   19 February 2020

A new world opens up for Cara as she uncovers her past and fulfill her role in the prophecy to put an end or preserve their race

Cara grew up in an orphanage and she is tired of living in that old house. For 10 years, she stayed there without a clue who her real parents are and where she came from. She have a vague memory of her past. All she knew was that she woke up one day at the orphanage and can't remember anything even her name. Cara is the name given to her at the orphanage. No one came or claimed to be her parents. All she has was a locket. It could be a key to her past but she can't open it. When she turned sixteen, something strange started to happen, things she can't explain. When she ran away, she met a guy who will introduce her to a world she never knew. A world where a legend and magic becomes real. Cara's ancestry can be traced back to the 15th century and her role in fulfilling the prophecy as the lost descendant is something big. Who is Cara? What is she? Where did she came from?

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