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I Remember You

Image Description LenLeipz   |   08 May 2018

The sweetest memory is the memory about love

I remember you whenever a bus pass by   When the raindrops and darkens the sky,            I remember you when the sun shines above When the wind blows leaves above the ground. 

I remember you when hunger strikes me.            Because I lnow how you love food so well           I remember you when I'm drinking coffee,           Because you forbid me from drinking so.

I remember you when I hear a laugh.                    Because your laugh is music to my ears             I remember you when someone smiles at me,   Because your smile for me is the sweetest.

But whenever I think of you                                   I can't help but feel lonesome                                Because Whenever I remember you,                    The love I have for you grows deeper.            

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A Dose of La Luna Sangre

As the saying goes, “An apple a day, makes the doctors away”. But for me, it’s totally different. Because every day, “A dose of La Luna Sangre a day, makes my stress away.”

Image Description
18 February 2018