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Jona Reveals Who Inspires Her In Her Singing Career

Image Description Mariel Abanes   |   11 April 2018

We all know her as the 'Diva,' and her choice of idols are nothing short from our expectations.

She belts out high notes as if she's gently saying your name, yet, it's so powerful it's overwhelmingly good that you're left speechless after every performance of hers. Jona started out years ago in the 'biz, and she's had her fair share of the spotlight after winning a reality singing competition. But if anything, her star just continues to shine even brighter. A bolder, more magnifying version of herself is slowing cracking out of her cocoon, ready to offer a golden voice that only a Jona can deliver.

Her exceptional talent is definitely an inspiration, especially to many young dreamers. But just like you, the singer used to daydream about "getting there." And now that she's able to take a step closer to fulfilling more dreams, she's grateful to the artists that served as her inspiration throughout her journey. Who could they be? We asked her straight out, and she's added a few more fun facts for her fans!

Who are your inspirations as a singer?

Jona: "'Yung mga nag-inspire sa akin to sing and to pursue my dreams are, of course, sila Ms. Regine Velasquez and Sir Gary. Sa international naman, ang inspiration ko talaga, si Mariah (Carey). Siya 'yung all-time favorite international artist ko."

What are your most favorite songs?

J: "Honestly, mahirap magbanggit ng isang favorite song at the moment. Pero masasabi ko na 'yung favorite songs ko are songs of Mariah. Especially 'yung inspirational songs niya like Through the Rain and Butterfly, Gusto ko rin 'yung songs ni Adele about love."

If you're not a singer now, what do you think would you be doing?

J: "Siguro kung hindi ako singer ngayon, baka isa akong engineer. Nu'ng bata pa ako at nagpa-plan ng kung ano bang course ang kukunin ko 'pag nag-college na ako, isa 'yun sa mga choice ko talaga."

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