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Letters from The Past

Image Description EMbabebyyy   |   31 October 2019

A story that is full of love but maybe isnt meant to be

Letters from The Past

Written by Margie Evangelista


Tuwing Biyernes ay may nakukuhang sulat si Anna sa labas ng kanilang bahay mula sa isang taong nagngangalang Rafael. But in her seventeen years of existence, she never interacted or been close with someone with the same name. The weird thing is, halos lahat ng nakalagay sa sulat na nakukuha niya ay related talaga sa kanya. Now she’s wondering who’s this Rafael is.

Until she met a guy named Rafael in her college algebra class. This is the first time she met this guy. Isip siya nang isip kung nagkita o nakilala na ba niya noon ang lalaki pero hindi talaga niya ito maalala. And this Rafael is always teasing her like he has hidden feelings for her, o baka nag-a-assume lang siya?

Pinagdududahan ni Anna si Rafael, iniisip niya kung ito ba talaga ang nag-iiwan ng mga sulat sa labas ng bahay nila. Is Rafael the one who sent those? Or is there another story behind the letters?

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