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Memoirs of my Lost Korean Boyfriend

Image Description Jaymeei   |   06 December 2019

She dreams to reach out to him, but he is untouchable, there is only one way for this to happen Is to be part of his group itself But there are certain deadly challenges and danger to be faced


Sa isang parke na tinatawag na Minsyu Park in South Korea. I'm here sitting on the bench, looking far away but my mind was afloat.I only dreamed about the memories with my Korean boyfriend named Gyung-suk. The breeze is cold and I feel every inch of it in my skin. This is the park when we first met and this was also our end when we separated. I still remember clearly how our last moment ended.

"Anyeong haseyo!" Masayang bati sa akin ni Gyung-suk.He smiled at me as if he dearly loved me.Hindi ko malilimutan ang mga ngiting iyon, my heart just loves the way how his eyes twinkles.

Kahit ang aking sarili ay di makapaniwala sa tuwing kami ay magkasama. I’m a big fan of K-pop and K-dramas, at sa tuwing nakikita ko si Gyung-suk ay maihahanlintulad siya sa mga kagaya nila. He's handsome, tall, extremely attractive and well built body.He placed his right arm on top of my shoulder and we both stride toward the massive tree and sat under it. Like what he always do, he laid his head on my lap and he was enthusiastic telling me about the history of Korea. Habang nag-kukuwento siya ay nakatitig lamang ako sa kanya at para akong nanaginip na mayroon akong isang kasintahang tulad ni Gyung-suk.

We spent the day together until twilight. Suddenly, he said he needed to go. He helped me stand up and bid his goodbye. “Anneong!” He smiled at me and kissed me on my forehead and he turned away.Hindi ko inaasahan na yung araw na iyon na pala ang huli naming pagkikita. It happened a year ago, but the memory is still fresh. I wonder where he could gone off to, nasaan na kaya si Gyung-suk?

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