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Rejection is Redirection

Image Description NoInk   |   06 November 2017

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been rejected.

Everyone, and I mean everyone has experienced rejection at least once. Whether in a colossal or minuscule way, being rejected hurts. Let’s admit it, nobody likes to be told “no”. Rejection can range from a rejected credit card to failed auditions to unrequited love and beyond.

Think about the most painful rejection you’ve ever had and then imagine what your life would have been like if things went your way in that particular situation. Awesome, isn’t it?

Now, if only life had a rewind button, we could go back in time and bend things to our advantage. Well, too bad, it doesn’t. All we have is the present and the future. The past is a lesson. All we have is the confusion from rejection that we can transform into a whole new opportunity.

It may sound awfully cliché, but rejection is not the end of the road. It could easily be a roadblock, a construction sign, or a detour.

Have you heard of the saying, “Nothing worth having ever came easy”? On the long and winding road to reaching your dreams, you might reach a point where you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Don’t turn around. Don’t stop.

This could be a nasty little roadblock trying to convince you to give up. All you need to do is build your strength and break through the hindrance. You’ll find that the road continues behind the wall and you can just keep going. Or in the famous words of Dory: “Just keep swimming.”

Construction signs can be really annoying, because they slow you down, but don’t freak out and lose your cool! The road is going through some much-needed repair that will make your journey smoother.

If you don’t wait and rush right into the unfinished road, you’ll probably just end up hurting yourself. You can’t rush or force something that needs time to grow in order for it to be beautiful.

Detour signs can be pretty frustrating too, most especially if you aren’t familiar or happy with the new direction. How depressing could it be to be told that you can’t go in the direction that you originally planned to?

Don’t take it as a negative sign. Sometimes, a greater power could be intervening with your plans to show you something better. Sometimes, there’s a safer or more suitable road that you should take.

You never know, you may find some treasures down this new road that you would never have seen on the old and familiar one. There might be this cool stop-over that you need to take so you could relax for a minute and enjoy the view. Or you might meet someone amazing and make a new friend.

There are many reasons why you have been rejected from one opportunity that you’ve been counting on, but I believe that the most important reason is that you were being redirected to something greater.

Stay determined, be dauntless, and never back down, but don’t forget to heed the traffic signs that warn you to “slow down”, “keep right”, and “give way”; these pieces of advice are more essential than they seem. Once you reach your goal, you’ll look back at all the rejections, and twists and turns in your journey and laugh when you see just why you have heard the word “no” so many times.

It was all because you waited to hear “yes” at the perfect time, and that’s made all the difference. At times, it doesn’t matter if your direction changes or if you got stuck in a traffic jam.

It might not always go as planned, your direction might have changed, and heck, you may even run low on gas once in a while, but what matters most is that your destination stays the same; your happiness. Don’t let these traffic signs discourage you; instead, let them challenge you, motivate you, and lead you to beautiful things.

Now, raise your hand if you believe that rejection is redirection.

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