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Mayor Vico, Please Get Some Sleep ViVICO

Image Description Adia17   |   22 March 2020

What more does he love more than sleep His own citizens But please, take care of yourself

The night was long. And yet cases were still not going down, even if he'd done his utmost best -- no, he can't think that way. He must not think that way, he must make some remedy - some kind of remedy for the non-infected. Taking a deep breath, in which he later released, he started lightly whacking his head, to give out more ideas. What more to help the lacking… funds are being given out, along with the supplies to last for a while.

And so for the transportation problem of the frontliners… what more to improve? What more… he needs more ideas. To make the citizens of Pasig City's life way better. Way better than the last who governed it for years.

"Come on brain, I'm sure you still have ideas."

He sighed discontentedly, as he quickly fought against the heaviness of his eyes. His lack of proper sleep nearly took over, before he pinched his arm to gather more strength to stay awake. His beloved muse - sleep, slowly seducing him. Oh, how he missed his sleep.

Just for five minutes, he swore to himself as he took a nap onto the tough desk, his breathing controlled and he felt content. As he dreamt. A small smile formed on his face. A bit of drool slowly down from his lips to the sleeves of his shirt.

He stayed quiet, as the night continued on. How he had missed his sleep, even if it was not comfortable enough. Beggars can't be choosers.

As five minutes became thirty, and thirty became an hour. God, please give him his sleep. That's what he needs. And he can't provide care for others if he wouldn't take care of himself.

Hey, Mayor Vico Sotto. Take care of yourself, hm? Others might be of priority for now, but please, for your own sake, take care of yourself. And stay hydrated! Take care, you precious cinnamon roll.

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