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5 Things that Happen When You Find Your Great Love

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

The happily ever after.

Finding that person is a feat on its own. There’s no Waze or Google maps to find exactly what you’re looking for or even to know where to start looking.

That’s part of what ‘great’ entails I suppose, the great lengths you go through in finding that one person to actually want to spend time with, and by time I mean the rest of your life.

So, what happens in the happily ever after part?

When you find your great love, you become more relaxed.

No, that doesn’t mean you have the license to get ugly and not turn-off your gf/bf. Being relaxed means you’re more confident that you can get through anything—as a person and as a couple. You feel stronger, so you’re not worried about whatever’s coming.

This is great for people who are always anxious about the future (or even the present!). Having a partner who also knows how to manage you and the demons in your head is definitely one thing everyone needs to have.

You become more positive.

Yeah, the skies are bluer, food tastes amazing, and life overall feels tons lighter just by the fact that you know you have a partner to share it with.

It can be so easy to put yourself down, especially if you’re prone to comparing your life to others (and with social media making it that much easier to feel bad about yours, well…), and it’s so easy to succumb to the nega things that surround us day in and day out. But if you have someone who grounds you to the positive things in life, you’ll radiate that vibe and receive more of it from the universe.

You put more value on other relationships in your life

When you have a good thing going in the love departnment every other relationship follows. Like with friendships, you become more aware of the toxic ones and the ones actually worth keeping. When you realize how easy it is to share healthy conversations, healthy values, and to feel better about yourself because of your relationship, it makes it almost impossible to tolerate anything less. And you shouldn’t!

The things and people you choose to spend time with are the ones who influence your life. Why should you put in ingredients that can potentially spoil what you’re cooking up for yourself?

You’re more inspired to work

Just like a highschool crush, when you have the real thing in your life, it keeps your eyes on the prize--work-wise. You feel like you can do anything! Also, you kinda want to impress your significant other so this makes you kick ass even more!

They become the waves of energy you need to keep moving forward and upward.

You become more of the person you wanna be

Needless to say, the right person makes you a better version of yourself. The fact that you found the right person is a sigh that you’re on the right track. When you’re with the love of your life, just being around them makes you more patient, makes you more thoughtful, more willing to compromise.

It makes it easier for you to change because you’re sure that it’s going to make a difference in your life. Sometimes we get lazy and complacent when there’s no outside motivation to be better. But being with someone you want to keep in your life makes it easier to accept the changes we need to make.

When you’ve found your person, you’ll realize that experiences shared with them trumps everything else. You worry less about the little things that used to bug you and scare you sh*tless. You appreciate the quiet and the mess, sometimes at the same time. The highs become higher and the lows become more bearable.

And in this world full of changes, I hope everyone finds their constant.We need more people to believe in happily ever after. Because yes, it does exist.

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