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Indelible Things

Image Description patyeah   |   07 August 2018

Sometimes the most indelible things can shape us in the most unexpected ways. Monteverde Series 6 Aramis Henry


"Drop the gun, Flame."

I shouldn't be hesitating. I should pull the trigger and let the bullet lodge itself in his thick skull. I should not listen to my conscience because he never listened to his.

"Do not call me Flame!" I was shaking and I was screaming. He took a step forward, with his hands raised to signal a truce. His expression was that of wonder and curiosity. He wanted to know if I could shoot him, and I couldn't.

"Flame," he whispered almost tauntingly. He knew, he knew I couldn't pull the fucking gun's stupid lever. "Wag mong gawin iyan, puwede natin itong pag-usapan."

"Wala tayong dapat pag-usapan. You thought I was an idiot, didn't you?" My teeth clenched as he took a step forward. "It's a dead end now."

"At ako? Akala mo rin ba tanga ako? Akala mo hindi ako nakatunog? Stupid girl. I kept you because I knew from the very beginning, from the first time I laid eyes on you, that you were an enemy." The color drained from my face. He chuckled and pocketed his hands, as if I was no threat. As if I was a poor little pup who was pretending to be ferocious.

"That's right, I knew all along. When you thought you were playing with me, it was the other way around. I was playing with you, Flame. And you fell right into the trap, how careless of you." Lumapit siya sa akin at nangingisi na hinaplos ang pisngi ko. I slapped his hand away and he faked surprise, I pointed the gun in his direction and he rolled his eyes.

"They don't call me the master of deception for nothing." I didn't think it was possible for his eyes to take on another shade darker. But from black, they became the color of midnight.

"You are so weak. I didn't know they would send someone like you to catch me." He gave out a cruel amused laugh, one that I've never heard him use. "You have failed them. And they have failed me when I thought you'd be a challenge."

Prove him wrong, a part of me thought. Swallowing, I gave him a final look in his eyes. My chest constricted in pain at the thought of what I have to do. I keep telling myself that it's for the greater good, I'd be killing one of the most sought-after criminals.

His eyes had a confident glint in them even though I have him cornered. In only a few minutes, the response team will come. There is no need for blood. There is no need to shoot. I just have to keep him where he is now. Slowly, I backed away until my back gently hit the door.

"Do you wanna know where you went wrong, Flame?"

"Shut the hell up. Kriminal ka."

He scratched his chin and grinned mischievously.

"You fell in love with me."

A sudden gunshot resonated inside the room. My hand was trembling. Warner had shock written all over his face before he hit the floor and coughed up blood. He was looking at me, wide-eyed while clutching his chest.

I missed. I missed his heart, only for an inch or two.

Blood was gushing out of him while tears were streaming down my face because he was fucking right, and I hated the truth.

I could hear the sound of helicopters overhead.

Too late.

I threw the gun to the side and let my knees buckle. I was watching the love of my life die because I have chosen to save thousands of people instead.

Another cough and his eyes fluttered open. "You love me..." He croaked, still in disbelief.

My lips trembled as I nodded. "Love is never wrong, but it isn't always right."

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Na-comatose si Ashlene dahil naaksidente sila noong katatapos pa lang ng kasal nila ni Jonathan. Subalit paggising niya ay wala na siyang maalala at nasa kandungan na ng iba ang asawa niya!

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19 July 2018