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WATCH: We Met A Real-Life Eleven In The Philippines!

Image Description NoInk   |   18 January 2018

Do you believe in telekenesis?

Everyone today is raving about Stranger Things—just one of the greatest science fiction series ever made! 

From the awesome plot set in the '80s, to the adorable kids that make up the cast, what's not to love about it? One of our favorite characters from the show is of course, Eleven—the strange girl with incredibly strong telekinetic abilities. She can stop automatic doors from closing, make cars flip, and even battle against demogorgons.

I'm a huge fan of the series myself, so imagine how excited I was when the NoInk Team got to meet Nomer the Mentalist—a Filipino who claims to have telekenetic abilities, too. He performed some of his tricks in front of us, and luckily, we got all of them on camera. Watch him bend coins, read minds, and talk about astral traveling below! He's awesome, period.

PS. No cars (and demogorgons) were harmed in the making of this video!

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