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4 Things Millennials Need to Stop Doing

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

Yes, you.

Millennials. One word, with so many less than favorable characteristics attached to it. But I can’t say that people are wrong about their assumptions. Most of the generalizations are actually en pointe.

Which is why we need to wean ourselves from some practices. Like…

1. Hugot galore

Yes, we get it, (y)our generation is in tune with feelings, we’re witty, creative, and we have a knack for expressing them. But a line has to be drawn. It was funny at first, and heck, I’ve done my share of them art cards and emo photos. They’re amusing, definitely. But the sawa factor isn’t why we should stop these #hugots.

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The thing is, it teaches the younger ones that everything is about feelings. (And everything is not about love or your lack of it.) It’s not. Life is full of moments of decisiveness, and in those moments, feelings are not the only ones that matter. Logic and foresight need to be factored in more than feelings a lot of the times.

No better time than now to start being more discerning.

2. Promposals

Ohmy-gaaah. Hmm. This one I don’t even know where to begin the dissection. But here goes. Again, it’s not just about feelings. Most promposals have an #expense element to it, which makes me cringe.

Puppy love is supposed to be light, fun, and make-you-poke-fun-at-yourself silly. It’s not supposed to be (expensive) grand gestures, attention-seeking, or self-serving.

That kilig you want your girl to feel, it’s not for everyone. It’s for her. Grand gestures are well and fine, but going over-the-top on this level for people so young is setting a standard that you probably can’t keep reaching. Sorry, but it’s true.

You’re going to end up wanting to top yourself the last time (which is good), but for the wrong reasons (which is bad).

Some promposals are so elaborate (and expensive) that it focuses on the wrong values. It gives the wrong meanings to gestures of love and affection. It’s not about impressing people with your ability to be flashy. If you start thinking of relationships like this, you’re going to end up feeling inadequate later on.

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The best promposals I’ve seen only required guts, creativity, and wit. Couple that with cardboard, markers, and maybe a stereo (ok, Spotify), and you’re golden.

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He spelled out prom with a bunch of pictures! ???? Follow @the.promposals if you see this!

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3. Quitting

Millennials have mastered the art of walking out. Walking out on jobs, on relationships, on anything that requires commitment to move forward. Don’t get me wrong, quitting is one’s prerogative. But making it your primary option is downright weak.

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