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Happy to Have Met You

Image Description remienicole   |   06 March 2018

Before the day ends, Ylona decides to call the other reason DarLona exists.

I wrote this piece more than a year ago, the time when we celebrated DarLona's 1st anniversary! Out of all DarLona fics I've written, this one is my favorite. It's short but sweet. Hope I didn't write anything out of character (not that this had deep conversations lol).


Getting ready to retire for the night, Ylona checks her Twitter one last time. A lot of fans, specifically DarLona fans (a team up of her and her special friend Darren), are greeting them lots of 'Happy Anniversary’ and how thankful they were the two of them came to their lives. She then checks the date with a confused face. January 24. She tried hard to recall why this date is so special to them.


She remembers. It was the date when she and Darren had their first ever production number on ASAP. That’s why.

It still amazes her how strong their support is when in fact, she couldn’t even greet or thank them properly. Was it because they want them to be a love team someday? Or maybe because they see how special their friendship is?

I believe at the latter more.

Ylona smiled to herself. She herself can see how special Darren is to her. He’s been an amazing friend and she can relate to him the most. They also have a lot of similarities (which these particular fans are telling her) and none could deny it. It’s amazing how destiny works, and it worked in both of them.

“Thank you, destiny.” Ylona mutters under her breath, smiling.

It’s 11:51 PM and the day will come to an end soon. She’s itching to greet them though but considering her current situation, it would be a dangerous thing to do. She thinks, if she couldn’t greet them, at least she could greet the other one that completes their team up.

Ylona decides to call Darren. After a couple of rings, he answered.


“Hey…” she sighs.

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Happy… anniversary?”

Ylona chuckles. “Yeah… Happy anniversary to us. Err--I mean to our first ever prod.”

Darren also chuckles. “It's funny that they’re celebrating our first prod together.”

“They're also celebrating the formation of DarLona, if I may add.”

“That’s sweet. Considering we are not a love team.”

“Yeah… That’s very sweet of them. They also still support us even though we aren’t performing together.”

“I think it’s fine with them. I’m sure they understand. Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to perform with you again.”

Ylona’s face flushed tint red and she’s thankful the boy isn’t seeing her face right now.

“Err… yeah. I’m also looking forward to perform with you again though I know it will take time.”

“It will, but at least if we did in the future, a lot of people will be happy and that will make us happy, right?”

Ylona smiled widely. “Right.”

She heard a faint yell on the other line which prompts Darren to cover the mic to yell back. After a few seconds, he’s back on the line.

“My tita’s getting mad since I’m still not sleeping. I guess this ends our call?”


“Happy anniversary!”

“Happy anniversary… to our first ever prod!”

“And to the formation of DarLona. Haha! Good night, Ylona.”

“Good night.” She ends the call.

Ylona lies down her bed and stares at the ceiling. She wished she could pass their conversation to their fans, but this is enough for now. At least she gave them justice though they don’t know it. She finally feels sleep coming to her and I’m happy to have met you were the last words she said before drifting off to sleep.

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Na-comatose si Ashlene dahil naaksidente sila noong katatapos pa lang ng kasal nila ni Jonathan. Subalit paggising niya ay wala na siyang maalala at nasa kandungan na ng iba ang asawa niya!

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