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A nerve-wracking marriage of two old lovers who broke up once few years ago If there will be a reverse button, would they choose to click it

Naghintay na lamang ako rito habang nakatanaw sa labas ng bintana. I understand that unlike me, he can't just leave the hall. My mind wandered to our conversation earlier before the meeting.

"Share transfer agreement?"

He sat in front of me. "Yes."

"How.. why.."

"Few months ago, your father signed a General Power of Attorney. He gave me the access to his account. I used his resources to buy the shares secretly. So now, to acquire the largest portion of the share, sign this agreement and the ownership of the 12 percent shares will be transferred to you."

Saglit akong napatitig sa kaniya.. "All along.. you did this.. for me?" He smiled weakly and handed me a pen so I signed the papers. "Why didn't you tell me, then?"

"Your Uncle is keeping a close eye on you. If he notice that you know something, he might do more extreme measures that we cannot handle. So it's better if you're oblivious about it."

"But I already killed you many times in my head."

He smiled and called Jessica in. "Get this papers ready for the board's verification after the meeting."

"Yes, Sir."

Then he faced me and pulled me close. "Let's go and protect your empire." 

I cannot help but to smile in relief as I stared at the skyscrapers of Metro Manila. Bumukas ang opisina ni Renzo kaya lumingon ako. Mukhang tapos na siya sa hall.

His eyes are full of hope, like he's telling you that you don't have to worry because he has your back. Kinain ng malalaking hakbang niya ang distansya namin. Bago pa ako makapagsalita ay niyakap niya na ako ng mahigpit. "You can take a rest now, baby.."

I adjusted myself to fit more to his embrace as I indulged myself with his scent. He kissed my ear and even with that simple gesture, my whole body shivered because of a strange sensation.

I closed my eyes trying to stop it from welling. "You have already done so much for me.."

i inhaled his scent and enjoyed his presence. His firm arms made me feel that no matter what danger comes my way, I will be safe. Because he's here.. he will protect me.. he will shield me.

"This isn't enough, I still have a lifetime to prove how much I love you." He kissed the side of my head and sniffed on it. "I missed you, baby.."

I pulled myself a little, while still clinging onto his neck. He smiled and caressed the small of my back. Saglit ko siyang tinitigan. "I really thought you betrayed me."

Hinaplos niya ang aking pisngi at nang maging mapungay ang kaniyang mga mata ay kumirot ang puso ko. Seeing him this calm and soft is like a dream come true. Being able to see the softness that he's trying to hide from the public is like an honor.

Ngumiti siya at ginawaran ako ng halik sa aking noo. "I already learned my lesson.."


"Enough with the talk, baby. I missed you so much.."

He leaned forward and gave me a deep and fiery kiss. My withering heart was once again fired up with an intense emotion and pleasure.. every part of my body started to beg for his touch. 

He parted my lips using his as he held me tight on my waist. Suddenly, I felt a hot liquid gushing between my legs as he lifted me onto his huge desk. His arm snaking around me for support as the other gently caressed my cheek.

"Renzo.." I gasped when he bit my lower lip. Tila napigtas ang kaniyang pagpipigil nang mas naging mapaghanap ang kaniyang mga halik. Halos mabaliw ako sa kakaibang dulot niya sa akin habang puro pagsinghap lamang namin ang naririnig.

When we slowly ran out of breath, he gave me a few soft kisses.. "It's only you who can make me this ecstatic.. only you, baby.." Saka niya ako muling ginawaran ng malalim na halik.

His scent, his kisses and his touch altogether filled my heart with immense pleasure. Every flick of his tongue added fuel to the burning lust and passion within me. He groaned and whispered with our lips still touching.. "Feel how you make me crazy.." 

He pulled me closer and I immediately felt his hard on. I gasped when I felt how huge he is even when with our complete clothes on!

He kissed me on my forehead and hugged me tight as we gasped in unison. I can still feel his erection down there, I bit my lower lip.. quite surprised with his self control.

"Uncle is not yet done, is he?" I asked.

Naramdaman kong bahagya siyang tumango. "Yes, but we can make it through."

Niyakap niya ako ng mas mahigpit kaya mas nadama ko ang init ng kaniyang katawan. I sighed. "My reputation is already tainted. I didn't deny the news." 

"It's not your reputation that made me fall this hard."

The room was filled with silence..

"Don't worry too much about the public, as if I'll let them step on you all your life?"

Tiningala ko siya. "What do you mean?"

He smiled and gave me another soft kiss. "I paid for the news to be removed from the search ranking and be replaced with the headline about your uncle. It will stay up there for a month."

"What? That must've cost you a heap amount of money!"

Bumaba ang tingin niya sa akin. "Money is not a problem."

Ngumuso ako at tumango. "I'll pay you back. How much did it cost?"

He smiled and shook his head. "You'll marry me soon, stop thinking who's paying who."

"Are you proposing?"

Mas lumawak ang kaniyang ngiti. "Not yet, baby.."

What? Hindi pa ba? Yumuko ako at itinago ang mukha sa kaniyang dibdib. Nakakahiya. He let out a soft chuckle and kissed my head. "I want to marry you as soon as possible but I don't want to rush things. Alam kong gusto mo ng engrandeng kasal kaya pagpaplanuhan natin iyan."

Umiling ako habang nakatago pa rin ang mukha. "Stop talking about it. Nakakahiya." 

He laughed hard and gave me another kiss. His office has never been this comfortable for me. We lay on the couch and talked about random things that happened for the past five years. Nang gumabi na'y agad na dumapo ang kaniyang tingin sa kaniyang wrist watch. He smiled and sat beside me. "What do you want to eat?"

Hindi ko alam kung bakit kusang bumaba ang tingin ko sa malambot niyang labi. Nang sumilay ang kaniyang ngiti ay doon ko lamang napagtanto ang pagtitig ko. Damn! Bago pa ako magsalita ay agad niya na akong hinalikan.. "I'm starving as well.." He whispered.

We ate our dinner in his office and talked a lot more. The dream I that kept deep in my heart for so long is now happening in front of me. I never thought that this beast beside me will be this calm while playing with my fingers as he listened to my stories.

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