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3 Reasons Why Fans Love Daniel Kahit Wala Syang Abs

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We went straight to his super mom, Karla Estrada, to confirm.

Daniel Padilla seems to have it all—the looks, the girl, and the super mom. All elements that make his career even more successful. But what made him what he is today? Well, a large part of that is the way he was raised by his mother, Karla Estrada. 

1. Daniel is humble.

That’s really just part of his charm. When you’re around him, you can tell that he’s a genuine person. He makes it a point to make you feel special, that you get the kind of attention YOU deserve (if you’re interviewing him, if you want to take a picture with him, etc), as opposed to people changed by fame.

Despite his status right now in the business, he seems to really keep in mind this lesson from his mom:

“Anak, dapat panghawakan mo lagi ang dangal mo. Dignidad. ‘Yung hindi ka kaya mabili ng salapi, kasi ‘yun ang nakakawala ng dangal, pag nabili ka ng pera. Pag nabago ka ng pera.”

2. Daniel is sensible, not sensitive.

With all the things being said about him, sometimes there are bad things said about him that get in the mix. Social media has made it so easy to target celebrities and to misconstrue their words or actions. But Daniel has handled himself quite well. He has a good head on his shoulders and knows when to strike and when to let things go.

“Hindi sensitive si Daniel, I think he’s just deep. Tapos nakakaunawa siya. Hindi siya pala-patol. Wala kang mapapala sa kanya. Papatol lang siya pag talagang pamilya na niya ’yung sinasaktan or sinasaktan physically.”

3. Daniel is loyal.

Young love is hard, but it can be beyond difficult if your relationship is so public like that of Daniel and Kathryn’s. They have declared that they are ‘exclusively dating’, much to the delight of their fans. And their relationship seems to be getting better with time. They seem more relaxed around each other (while being in public) and more affectionate, as we saw in the recent Under the Stars event by Bench. 

What seems to be one of the secrets to a thriving young love?

“Palagi kong sinasabi, walang taksil na nagtatagumpay. Dahan-dahan kasi masakit ‘yan. Nakakasuka kapag nahihiwalay ka o may mga pag-aaway. Kaya kung pinasok mo ‘yan, i-perfect mo na.

Sabi nila, there’s no perfect relationship. That might be true, pero hindi kasama don na lokohin mo. Kasi isang minuto lang na mahiwalay siya kay Kathryn, alam nating maraming humahabol, pero si Daniel, tapat naman kasi siya. Tapat siyang tao. Okay na siya don.”

*Star Magic Ball photos by @clementegallery

*Cover photo from Daniel Padilla's Facebook

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