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Sushmita Costales is a smart, spoiled and heartless heir of Costales conglomerate Her father, thinks that she lacks heart and compassion towards other people Pinatapon siya ng ama niya sa Guimaras

Sushi "Sushmita Costales" is a smart, spoiled and heartless heir of Costales conglomerate. Her father, thinks that she lacks heart and compassion towards other people. She doesn't believe in love and is willing to marry anyone who can be a great asset to her father's company.

So her father decided to send her off in a small town in Guimaras, kung saan nakatira ang isang malapit na kaibigan ng ama niya para turuang makisama at mamuhay ng simple.

She will then marry the man her father had chosen for her when she comes back.

Sushi meets the one only grand son of her father's friend, Pierce Kyries Allende o mas kilalang Pier.

Pier, is the opposite of a prince charming. He was undeniably poor and simple. The guy doesn't even dress well, halos paulit-ulit lang ang damit nito. Hindi gusto ni Sushi ang pagiging friendly nito sa kanya.

He's a commoner in all aspect. Even his well tone physique and handsome face couldn't hide the fact that Peir couldn't pass as a collateral damage.

And the house he lives in is so small for her. Hindi rin niya gusto ang pagiging bossy nito sa kanya. Halos gawin na siya nitong katulong. The angst of the man. Kung bakit nagagawa pa rin siyang ngitian nito na para bang magkaibigan sila?

Pero bakit nagseselos siya kapag may kakulitan itong ibang babae? Bakit naiinis siya kapag dini-deadma siya nito? Bakit gusto niya laging makita itong nakangiti at nagbubunot ng damo sa likod bahay?

At bakit kumakabog nang mabilis ang puso niya kapag tinititigan siya nito at hinahawakan sa kamay?

God, he's poor! She must be out of her mind.

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