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Our Fate

Image Description chloue.trazona   |   28 January 2020

Love is the most common wordLove for parents, Love for your other half, And love for your siblingLoving someone might have a big impact in your life He really does have a big impact in mylife

If he really loves you he'll find a way" Jennifer Niven quoted on her book To all the bright places, I hope that works for us both.

You are meant to brighten my life, but not in the way I wanted to.

Can everybody have a happy ending?

I want you I really want you, but can I have you?

I love you so much, I do.

Can you be my last?
Please don't leave so fast,
Please stay no matter what,
I love you and it will always last.

"Getting to know you we're the best days of my life I love you..."

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